Why is this the hardest part?

So I have been struggling for the past week and a half to get myself started packing. Why is this? Everything else about this trip has been taken care of so quickly and easily. When I thought about packing I knew I needed to do it, but I just didn’t want to. Do you have this problem? I have what a lot of people get, and some people say I have travel anxiety, but I say that I’m just excited! I get really energized when I think about taking trips and that sometimes causes issues. I tend to lose sleep, get headaches, and do things last minute. I get things done and I make list because I know it will happen. This time around though I fought through it. I took some deep breaths and I finally started packing! I am so proud of myself. The funny thing is, now that I am pretty much done packing that feeling has subsided! It’s probably because I have one less thing to worry about for this trip. What’s interesting is that it’s not even the trip itself I’m worried about, but rather my apartment and something that I may forget to turn off. If you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed about traveling I have found that the best solution is to talk to someone you know will be positive and/or to take a bubble bath! I have done both and that has also helped to alleviate any worries. If you think you may have travel anxiety or you are not really sure you can check out some causes and symptoms on this site: TA

I still have a lot to do to be fully prepared to go and time is running out. I actually feel better now that I don’t have much time left before I leave. I think I’m just really excited about the food and the experiences that I will be able to enjoy. I know that this will change my life and honestly I am ready for it!

Looking forward to this great summer that I get to share with you all!


Paying your way: Wiring money and Plane Tickets

Wow, What a great day today is! It’s my Birthday! Best present to myself? Buy a ticket to Korea and Wire Money to Yonsei!!

So you are trying to figure out how to wire money? Well, the best bet is to go through your banking institution. I actually went up to my bank and asked them about wiring the money because I wanted to do it myself online ($30 vs $40 if they do it), but I didn’t understand some of the information. The woman at my bank said it should be simple as long as I have all the information. Surprisingly enough it was extremely simple. Now the only thing I did not like was that they gave different exchange rates with each wire I sent. They have a system that randomizes the exchange rate or something. So sometimes it can show really cheaply and other times it can be higher which doesn’t make sense to me. I just know that it said if I left the page I would not be guaranteed the same exchange rate…and it was right. HHAHAH, yes I had to test it! I did pay a little more than I expected with one and less with the other so it kind of balanced out.

Now the plane ticket thing is a whole different game. I have been checking plane ticket pricing since I first got my acceptance through my University. I have seen the round trip prices go from around $1400 all the way to $2500 and I’m talking about the lowest prices out of the whole group. Today round trip prices are around $1700 which isn’t bad at all. Now if you’re like me and get more money the following semester and want to do the one-way ticket route it can be quite a mental challenge. I thought about the pros and cons of it. Of course the biggest Con would be not making it back in time for classes to start due to an issue with my financial aid here. I’m not too worried about the price of the one-way ticket back. Plus if my money didn’t come on time I know I have family who would book the flight for me and I just pay them back. The reason I did this is so I can feel comfortable traveling and feel that I can really experience things. It would be sad to go all the way there and not have enough money to really explore. With the one-way ticket I have seen the prices as high as $1200 and as low as $550, but the ticket I got was on the lower end.Please make sure you purchase the traveling insurance! It would be horrible if something happened and you had to cancel without getting any of the money back.

Not sure where to look for plane ticket deals?

I will share with you my favorite site:

Cheapest Fares Around I prefer this one because it compares a lot of companies and it has been the one to win the lowest price contest every time. I have used maybe a total of 10-13 sites to check prices maybe 3 times a week. This site is by far the best.

Don’t forget after you purchase your ticket to input them on all those websites!

Excited for the next steps…packing, flying, arriving, immersing…

Time seems to speed up:

Well this is exciting and nerve-wracking. Finals are coming up next week and I realized that I leave in less than a month. Yes, I do realize that I am going in June and class don’t start until July. My reason for doing this is so that I can get used to the traveling system, visit friends in and around Seoul, and visit Jeju-do Island. I’m also considering a trip to Japan, but I’m still deciding on that one. I just want to make sure that once classes start I won’t have that urge to go take a trip to one of those places since they are pretty far away, so I’m getting it out of the way beforehand. Plus I’m supposed to go experience this country and well, that’s what I am going to do.

Now since I want to teach English in S. Korea next year, I have been reviewing all the information and I have to take a 100+ hour TESOL certification class. I will start that once finals area over with.

I have been looking at plane ticket prices and they seem to be staying steady and I hope that’s the case for when I actually go to book mine.

I received my answer back from Yonsei regarding my Housing Application and I was given the SINGLE ROOM!! YAY! It’s probably mostly because of my age, but I am glad either way. Now I just have to pay that by the 31st of May along with my Field-Trip Fee.

My birthday is on May 10th and I don’t even need a gift because being able to go study abroad in a country that I have come to love is the best gift anyone could give me.

There are still so many things to do and I don’t like that “I’m running out of time” feeling that I’m starting to get. Luckily I have been to other states on my own and went through this before. I have made a list of things I need to take and want to take. I take it with me so that if I remember something else I can write it down! I made them two separate lists so that I can mark off things I decide that I really shouldn’t take from my “want” list. I’ve already took off two pair of shoes…whew that was rough.

One thing I am making sure to do is to leave a lot of room in one of my bags. I am planning on taking a carry-on and two checked bags. One bag will be my main clothes and bathroom items, One for shoes and such, and the carry on will be for my laptop. So in other words the carry on is really just an extra bag for souvenirs. YAY! BUT this might change as I continue to change my list.

Since I am Graduating in December I think it has caused me to perceive time as moving more quickly because my schooling is coming to an end. At least for now because I am planning on getting my Master’s in TESOL online. All I can do right now is take deep breaths and hope that everything works out for the best. I’m certain it will because I always put in 100+% to reach my goals!

If you don’t like reading my blogs on wordpress or Tumblr or if you want to feel more connected with me along my journey you should go to:

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I do have another youtube account, but that one is mostly for singing competitions. There are somethings on that one about study abroad as well, but the one listed above will be what I will use while in Korea! ^_^ Very thrilled to be able to help out other people!

Should have the Gilman Scholarship Application process video up before the end of next week. The Spring 2014 application opens up in August, so I want you all to be quite prepared for that.