MAMA 2013

There will be no Great and Annoying Knews from the past week. Why? Well you should have all watched #MAMA and that is the news lol If for some reason you didn’t see it or don’t know what it even is. You can still see the amazing performances here:

I stayed up all night doing homework and watching this. 

I was impressed with a lot of it, but disappointed in some parts of it. 

I wish I could have been there, but one thing I will say is that it is frustrating to think that these artists didn’t know they would win the awards. All of the ones there obviously knew they would win. That’s why there weren’t that many on the red carpet lol. It just seems a little crazy to say that they didn’t expect to win it, but they were previously told. Like when you see Ailee appear in the’re like wait, where did she come from. Then next thing you know she gets an award?! Like really. Don’t play with me. HAHAH just some funny stuff right there. 


Meet Koreans and others learning the language

So I’m all about diversity and I love meeting people from different countries. It’s even better when those people share the same interest as me and want to learn the Korean Language. 

If you are at all interested you should click the link and register. It may take a while because you have to wait for an email from the admin and then you have to respond to the questions in that email (it was only 2 questions). Once that happens then you will be able to log in. 

There are some other interesting announcements on that page, a forum and a promotion going on where you can win a pickup (from the airport I presume, accommodation,  a KTX train ticket from Seoul to Busan, or the big one, a ticket to Korea. That’s just some of the cool stuff that goes on there. 

Check it out and get your learning on! 

If you have questions about anything on there, feel free to ask me here or there. I’m “Renderella” on the site 

Thoughts about my skin color

So now that I have been really thinking of my skin and asking questions of others. Some people have thought that I wanted to bleach my skin to become lighter and that is not the case. As a matter of fact, I struggled for many years with my skin color and although I like the color I am, I just want to be even. When I was younger I used a complexion soap for maybe a year or so and it had seemed to work on evening my skin. Yes, it did lighten me a bit to even it out, but I don’t think it was much of a difference. I’m not fond of the sun because I don’t want to be darker than I am. I like my skin color quite a lot. It’s not really light and it’s not really dark. I like to think I’m the real color brown bahahah 

Today I did pick up some bleaching cream….hmmm. I am going to see how this works for my dark spots on my face, but first I am testing it on my legs, well in an area that no one really ever sees since I don’t wear shorts or skirts without tights. So after about 2-3 weeks, if it looks normal, then I will try it on my face. I’m hoping that this works because all of the other stuff I was researching was too far out of my budget. If this doesn’t work…I will be dishing out some money in Korea to get it taken care of. Why can’t these things be easier!? I just want the dark spots gone! My face is fine otherwise.

Oh, I am also going to try the egg mask 3 times a week. The mask I was/am using finishes today (Friday) and then I will just do the egg mask 3 times a week. I did it on my sister last night and it made her skin look alive! It was quite nice. I hope that it really does help with acne because US foods are making me have some bad breakouts. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!