Paying your way: Wiring money and Plane Tickets

Wow, What a great day today is! It’s my Birthday! Best present to myself? Buy a ticket to Korea and Wire Money to Yonsei!!

So you are trying to figure out how to wire money? Well, the best bet is to go through your banking institution. I actually went up to my bank and asked them about wiring the money because I wanted to do it myself online ($30 vs $40 if they do it), but I didn’t understand some of the information. The woman at my bank said it should be simple as long as I have all the information. Surprisingly enough it was extremely simple. Now the only thing I did not like was that they gave different exchange rates with each wire I sent. They have a system that randomizes the exchange rate or something. So sometimes it can show really cheaply and other times it can be higher which doesn’t make sense to me. I just know that it said if I left the page I would not be guaranteed the same exchange rate…and it was right. HHAHAH, yes I had to test it! I did pay a little more than I expected with one and less with the other so it kind of balanced out.

Now the plane ticket thing is a whole different game. I have been checking plane ticket pricing since I first got my acceptance through my University. I have seen the round trip prices go from around $1400 all the way to $2500 and I’m talking about the lowest prices out of the whole group. Today round trip prices are around $1700 which isn’t bad at all. Now if you’re like me and get more money the following semester and want to do the one-way ticket route it can be quite a mental challenge. I thought about the pros and cons of it. Of course the biggest Con would be not making it back in time for classes to start due to an issue with my financial aid here. I’m not too worried about the price of the one-way ticket back. Plus if my money didn’t come on time I know I have family who would book the flight for me and I just pay them back. The reason I did this is so I can feel comfortable traveling and feel that I can really experience things. It would be sad to go all the way there and not have enough money to really explore. With the one-way ticket I have seen the prices as high as $1200 and as low as $550, but the ticket I got was on the lower end.Please make sure you purchase the traveling insurance! It would be horrible if something happened and you had to cancel without getting any of the money back.

Not sure where to look for plane ticket deals?

I will share with you my favorite site:

Cheapest Fares Around I prefer this one because it compares a lot of companies and it has been the one to win the lowest price contest every time. I have used maybe a total of 10-13 sites to check prices maybe 3 times a week. This site is by far the best.

Don’t forget after you purchase your ticket to input them on all those websites!

Excited for the next steps…packing, flying, arriving, immersing…


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