Why is this the hardest part?

So I have been struggling for the past week and a half to get myself started packing. Why is this? Everything else about this trip has been taken care of so quickly and easily. When I thought about packing I knew I needed to do it, but I just didn’t want to. Do you have this problem? I have what a lot of people get, and some people say I have travel anxiety, but I say that I’m just excited! I get really energized when I think about taking trips and that sometimes causes issues. I tend to lose sleep, get headaches, and do things last minute. I get things done and I make list because I know it will happen. This time around though I fought through it. I took some deep breaths and I finally started packing! I am so proud of myself. The funny thing is, now that I am pretty much done packing that feeling has subsided! It’s probably because I have one less thing to worry about for this trip. What’s interesting is that it’s not even the trip itself I’m worried about, but rather my apartment and something that I may forget to turn off. If you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed about traveling I have found that the best solution is to talk to someone you know will be positive and/or to take a bubble bath! I have done both and that has also helped to alleviate any worries. If you think you may have travel anxiety or you are not really sure you can check out some causes and symptoms on this site: TA

I still have a lot to do to be fully prepared to go and time is running out. I actually feel better now that I don’t have much time left before I leave. I think I’m just really excited about the food and the experiences that I will be able to enjoy. I know that this will change my life and honestly I am ready for it!

Looking forward to this great summer that I get to share with you all!


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