Mistakes make you stronger

Long time, no post. Hopefully many of you are on my Facebook or at least subscribed to my Youtube. As many of you know by now I have a daughter  (Lily) who is currently 8 months old. She is everything I could have ever asked for in a child. Many ask me about her father and all I can answer is that he is Korean and somewhere in Korea. So yes, I am a single parent now, but that should not ever be considered a negative. I’m happy that I have her. The challenging part is returning to Korea with her.

I have interviewed with some recruiting companies and can only pray that they find a place that would be okay with me having a child. It’s so sad that they view a child as a negative due to illnesses that can occur with you missing days of work. I can understand that, but many teachers are female in Korea and they have children. One of my previous co-teacher would leave early some days because her daughter became sick. Yet she did not leave during teaching hours. She left when it was her office hours to take her to the doctor . Sometimes she even waited until the end of the day because she was swamped in work. Yes, she was married and sometimes her husband couldn’t pick her up. Even when I feel sick I go to work. I always did for school too, except twice. Once for chickenpox and once for mold poisoning  (my bro got it too). I’m not one to miss days because I feel like I’m letting someone down. I would try my best to find someone to get her for me. I have a wonderful network of friends/parent/students who I’m sure would do their best to assist when necessary  (many have already expressed this).

Now I think things will be a tad better/easier once the last of my paperwork is complete. The CRC returning and apostilles are left to do. Sadly the FBI told me they were about a month from my submission date. On a positive note Lily’s passport should be here around the same time.

There is one thing I wish I would have done differently when I found out I was pregnant while in Korea and that is to have asked foreigners for advice. If I would have I believe I would have finished my contract and had a healthier pregnancy than I did due to all the walking. Even though a mistake was made in not completing my contract I can’t let it hinder my return. I won’t focus on the past any longer and what I coulda, shoulda, or woulda done. I’m charging forward.

So now what can I do? The best thing I could ever do.

I put it all in God’s capable hands because I can do nothing on my own. And boy has there been a wonderful peace in my heart since I gave it all to him. I just have to trust in him.




Future plans

This was written in May of 2014, but somehow never got published.

So I’m absolutely loving my time in Korea, but I have an issue. Not really a problem, but I can’t seem to make a decision when I need to right now.

See the application period for EPIK for Spring 2015 is pretty much here and I can’t decide if I want to stay with EPIK and try to go to Seoul or leave the teaching and do language school for a term. I would then finish my Master’s degree (ends two weeks after the language school), and then go back to teaching at that time. 

I really do enjoy working for EPIK and I love working with children. Elementary kids are full of life and I love making English enjoyable and understandable for them. What I really want is to become a University Professor here in Korea close to Seoul. Close as in within an hour or so.  I just can’t seem to figure out what the next move should be. I already started filling doing the paperwork for EPIK (and I hope they don’t change their application again), but I also started looking at Yonsei’s KLI program.  

The reasons I want to move to Seoul are simple. I want to improve my Korean language skills and be in an area that offers events pertaining to my passions. Seoul is where everything that is music, art, and theatre performance. There are so many interesting events that I would love to attend, but can’t because they are doing a week night in Seoul. Also, spending over $100 just to be in Seoul for 3 days and 2 nights is not fun for me. No, I don’t really NEED to save my money, but I want to.  

I don’t know…I have two questions in my head. Do I want to risk applying for Seoul, not getting it and then being unhappy for a year somewhere else and possibly not teaching elementary grade level OR do I leave EPIK and do the KLI program, finish my Master’s and then decide from there. There is also the possibility of me doing my PH.D here. 

Any advice would be great. 

Social Media!

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If you’re not then you have been missing out, but I will apologize due me not putting my videos up on here like I was doing before. 

I put them to my facebook page and forgot. 

So here is the most recent one, and I’m working on several new videos now due to the long break we just had here.