The Waiting Game- Downside to the Process

So as you all know I applied to teach English in South Korea. This has been the most stressful and time consuming process I have ever had to go through and it’s still not over. I will do a video later about all the steps, but for now the waiting game continues. 

A big part of this is waiting. You wait for recommendation letters, then a reply about an interview, your Criminal Record check (which is the longest wait), your apostille of your CRC, your diploma apostille, and once all that gets to you then you have to send it to them. That’s where I am and it is supposed to be to them today or tomorrow. 

Sadly for me due to some hiccups along the way, I most likely will not be teaching in Seoul as I had hoped, but it will be okay. I will be happy as long as I am in Korea and teaching. I was told by my coordinator that most places are full, so I told her to place me wherever she can. I am honestly not a picky person. As long as I am in Korea I will be happy. 

I think this is the hardest part about it. You see everyone getting their placements (what city/Province they will be teaching) and you are sitting on the deck just waiting for your boat. There are many days I just want to cry because well, it’s tough not knowing where you are going to end up. It’s definitely a test of faith. I think if you can get through this process in one piece that you can do almost anything. 

So after my coordinator gets my documents I am not sure how long it will take to process from this point. I heard it can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks. I’m hoping that since I said I am flexible for wherever that I will know within a week, but that is some high hoping. I just really would like to know before Christmas, before I have to be out of my apartment (Dec 31st) or before I sell my car (which I am hoping to do by the first week of January). 

We were told that our visa paper work and contracts are to be sent out at the beginning of January. I am trying to go take a 20 hour in class teaching certification in LA the weekend of Jan 11-12. I was hoping to be leaving on the 13th, but if I don’t have my visa docs I may just wait until the following weekend to do the test in SF. It is much cheaper to fly straight from Cali to Korea, rather than from Texas. It would be faster as well. 

So as I wait I will be packing this apartment and trying not to go too crazy. I’m just praying and hoping that I still get a spot. No one is guaranteed a job until those contracts are signed and even then if you don’t show up for orientation you can be booted too because you have to sign a contract there as well. 

Deep breathing and exercise has definitely been helpful. I also spend about 2-3 hours a day studying Korean. 

My current goals and ones for the new year are to keep improving in Korean, to do well in the online MA in Teaching program that I will start in March,  and to reach my weight goal. 

Excited and nervous about things to come….



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