Coffee Shop

My towns home plus has this cute little cafe in it and I wanted to share with you. Don’t know why I didn’t show my drink, but it was a super delicious blueberry smoothie


Finals Week Day: Monday

Well well well. The time of real suffering has come and I am already at my wits end. I decided that I would not finish my teaching certification in a month as I had planned because classes became too overwhelming, but I will finish it before the end of August.

Now…this is finals week and I was trying my best to make this a great week, but you know how Mondays are right? It’s the beginning of the week and no one really ever wants to do things on Mondays because they know that it is going to take four more days before Friday arrives. 

I was actually really excited for today because finals are Thursday so that means I will be done with classes and can go out and explore my last week! In actuality my last week will most likely be used to see friends before I go. I have already made several appointments with friends and I’m getting a little overwhelmed by that too. I never realized how challenging it is to try to fit so many people in a 10 day schedule, but it is real work. 

Pre-Modern Korean History was fun today for some reason. I mean it’s always interesting, but I felt that it was more fun today than it normally is. Maybe it’s because I know that it’s almost over. It’s the relief of knowing that even if I don’t get an A in this hard class that I tried and worked hard the whole way. After this class I have about a two hour break and I always eat right after class. On my way out of the building to cross to the cafeteria I saw a phone on the ground and pointed it out to some people. As I was walking I saw a girl I knew searching her backpack and I just had this strange feeling that it was her phone. Sure enough it was and I was able to assist her in getting it back. Yay! I’m so glad I could help because I know how it feels to lose a phone, but I can’t imagine losing one in a foreign country! 

Sadly on my way to my last class of the day my phone was trying to defy gravity and fell. My whole front screen is shattered and the glass keeps coming out. I don’t have the funds to get my screen replaced out here so I will have to wait and decide what to do once I return home. I have still been using it and I’ll just be dealing with glass being in my fingers for now. I was really upset about it because I had just barely got my screen fixed before I came to S. Korea and I’m trying my best to wait for the Galaxy S5 before I buy a new phone. What a difficult life! HAHAH

At 7p I went to my second to last Language Cast and was so frustrated because of my phone situation. I was also sad because I know next Thursday is the last one that I can attend. I just realized that if I am going to Chicago I have to fly out Friday the 16th and not Saturday the 17th…I was thinking Friday was the 17th. If my certification gets canceled then I will leave the 17th, but I won’t know until next week. 

Dorm move-out is Sunday by 11a and I have not decided where I will be staying at for my last 5/6 nights, but I have to choose tomorrow.  I will most likely go back to Jongno3ga since my friend Jin is there and I really liked that area. 


Make connections! There are so many people who work in so many different fields. Get to know them, get to know what they do. Get to know their friends! I have met a lot of people who have said if I learn Korean that they can easily get me a job with their company. I also was told that I could work for Samsung (my favorite company) if I became fluent in Korean. You never know when you may need someone’s help either so I hope you can build great, long-lasting friendships!