MAMA 2013

There will be no Great and Annoying Knews from the past week. Why? Well you should have all watched #MAMA and that is the news lol If for some reason you didn’t see it or don’t know what it even is. You can still see the amazing performances here:

I stayed up all night doing homework and watching this. 

I was impressed with a lot of it, but disappointed in some parts of it. 

I wish I could have been there, but one thing I will say is that it is frustrating to think that these artists didn’t know they would win the awards. All of the ones there obviously knew they would win. That’s why there weren’t that many on the red carpet lol. It just seems a little crazy to say that they didn’t expect to win it, but they were previously told. Like when you see Ailee appear in the’re like wait, where did she come from. Then next thing you know she gets an award?! Like really. Don’t play with me. HAHAH just some funny stuff right there.