LanguageCast in Hongdae

A place for you to practice the language you are learning. People are very friendly, but of course you have to watch out for those who are only interested in hooking up. They are every where.



Me being from Texas you know that I don’t get to see a lot of snow so I was quite excited! Sadly later in the night I took a bit of a fall. Actually I saw a couple sliding around on the ground….I should have filmed it!! I don’t know what I was doing!


Q & A: What are you doing now? & Tell us more about Korea

If you want to teach English through the Korean Government:
If you want to take a teaching certification do this now!
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I still feel badly about it….

Seoul log: Hongdae 

It was one of my first nights out in Seoul and I decided to go to a meetup groups event. It was I think 10,000 won which included some food items and free entrance into a club. Upon arriving I was really frustrated. I was in heels and could not find the place for two hours! TWO HOURS! Luckily I had left an hour early to find the place because I thought I would have difficulties on the subway. I grab my favorite easy drink, a Smirnoff, and some guy came to say hi to me. I was a little taken back because his face looked familiar, but I could not place him (If I think people look familiar it will drive me crazy if I don’t place them or remember there name). Then his friend comes up to me and asks me if I wanted to sit with them because they had space. I was really awkward, but I wanted to know how I knew this guy. They asked me a bunch of questions and then the first guys says…well you know that I know you right? I was really confused. I said, yes you look familiar, but I’m not sure how I know you. He then proceeds to take out his phone and scrolls through Kakao Talk. I am really getting uneasy at this time because if I recognize your face, but can’t place you…it probably means that I blocked or hid you from my list. 

Just like I thought. He pulls me up and says “is this you?” I was super shocked at that moment because he definitely had my kakao. He then asked if we could take some pictures together and I said sure I guess. We took three together and then one with his friend too. He said that they had to leave because they were meeting up with other people, but he said that he would send the pictures to me right now. I watched as he sent them and I did not get any of them. He waited a bit and was like….you really didn’t get them? I said no, I’m sorry, but I must have hid you or delete you because you didn’t talk to me anymore. He was just like oh well that’s okay. Maybe I will see you again here next time because I have to go. 

I felt like one of the worst people in the WORLD! I could not believe that I had blocked that guy! I even went through the process of UNBLOCKING EVERYONE! Seriously! I unblocked, un-hid, and went through my list to see if he popped up…he did not. I never saw that guy again and I went back to the same place three more times. I really hope that he doesn’t think I am a rude person. I really am not sure why I would have deleted him, but he seemed like a great guy in person. Plus I would have loved to have those pictures for the photo album I’m creating. 

So now I don’t delete people. I only hide them and even that freaks me out sometimes. I recently deleted everyone off my chat list and am only talking to people who message me. I have maybe 7 people out of the over 100 I had on my chat list. I started two weeks ago with 5….My friends are obviously not very communicative.  >_<

My two loves


Just wanted to show you an updated picture of me. I lost weight in S. Korea …like 15 lbs! I have surprisingly been able to maintain it even while being sick and not able to work out for 2 1/2 weeks. Here you can see the wonderful blue contacts I talked about in the other post ($60 called circle lenses). I also have two things I love in this picture. The Korean flag because I love Korea and really want to go back! Then there is a monkey on my foot. Monkeys are my favorite animal and my mother actually bought me a monkey covered blanket as a gift for when I returned!

Why am I making that face? Because I can haha

Favorite Night Hangouts and Why?

I have been asked this by so many people here at school that I have just decided to do a post about it. I am pretty sure that I have talked about each of these locations in some way, but here we go….


As I have mentioned this is one of my least favorite areas due to the plethora of foreigners there, but it is also a great place to meet people from other countries. It has such a diverse group of people that it is completely possible for you to meet people from almost every continent. This is the reason why I put it on my list because it is kind of a special area in South Korea. Just make sure that you go with at least one other person because this place is not one of the safest areas. There are some not so safe zones and it is full of US military and Korean Police.


This is my second favorite place which is actually tough to say because I love this location. It has so much going on there and they have musicians that perform on the street. They have a lot of great restaurants and even though it is not Itaewon I feel that this area is geared more towards foreigners. Plus H & M is easy to locate and that’s the one store that has American sizes. Line 2, Exit 9. You will be amazed. There is also a park out there where people perform and many foreigners hang out in. You can also find lots of interesting jewelry and accessories here. This is where one of the language exchanges I go to is located and this also has some of the most popular night spots.


Now a lot of you may be thinking that it’s my favorite place due to the Gangnam Style song, but that is far from the case. When I first went to Gangnam I liked it a lot, but I did not think that it was very special. This is more of a place you go to at night because that is when everything is happening. If you thought in the music video it looked stylish well you should see some of the restaurants and clubs. From the outside you don’t expect things to look so great on the inside, but then you walk in and are wow’d. I like it for it’s classy aspects and the architecture of the buildings. Also my favorite baskin robbins is located here. Actually some of the most popular clubs in Seoul are located here and many have kpop stars that show up to them on weekends. There is also two language exchanges that I go to located here out of exit 11. It is actually a pretty long ride for me from Sinchon to Gangnam. It takes around 40 minutes just to get there and that’s depending on if no one gets stuck in the train doors because it has happened many times (thank goodness not to me).

Alright so there you have it. Some great locations that you can think about exploring. Each spot does have zones that are better than others. Be prepared to walk a lot once you get here, I really can’t stress that enough. If you are out of shape S. Korea will be your worst enemy because you won’t have the energy to really explore. Or you may take the initiative to get in shape and go out all the time (at least I hope that’s what you would do) just for the exercise.


Shop in the stations! I have found some super deals in the stations and they usually have better prices on items. On that note Gangnam station is also one of my favorite places to shop because it is so large and there are many stores. Once you get out…well I would suggest not really buying too much unless you have the money to spend because Gangnam is an expensive place.