What an Honor!

I was asked to serve on the scholarship committee for this and next semester. Even though I won’t be there next semester they are going to allow me to participate and do a lot of it online. I am quite excited about being able to help in the process of choosing the best people for Study Abroad. This is something I plan on doing in the future for my non-profit org I want to start or maybe I will just gift it to people who write an essay on why they want to go to another country. I don’t know, but I’m quite excited to be doing this.

I still have to print my pictures from Korea for my Gilman scholarship follow-up project, but the high school I’m supposed to go to….well that lady has not responded to my emails. I will be calling or going up there soon, but I want to make sure I at least have to pictures ready before I do that. I only have about 2 months to get that done because they go on break a bit after I graduate. I want to make sure that I speak to the Seniors before the holiday break so that they can speak with their parents then. 

Only 2 months until I graduate! I am trying my best to get back to Korea. Just waiting to hear about having an interview for the teaching job. Even if I don’t get back in Seoul I will be happy to be in S. Korea. I miss everything about that place and I miss the friends I made the most.