Great & Annoying Knews Episode 5

Much longer than I intended it to be, but here ya go


That Episode 4!! Woot!

Just giving you some Kentertainment news to keep myself in the loop.

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Korean Application

So you should all download “iconnect” and show off your favorite artist or be cute with it.
Here is two pictures of how my phone layout looks:



Since his (Gdragon’s) new album came out and is good, I thought it would be nice to promote him a bit. I used to have tea cup bunnys which were adorable!

You can also get kakaotalk themes as well. All of these should be free unless you are up for dishing out money.
If for some reason you can’t get it to work let me know. My Korean friend did it for me, but there are two other ways I heard of, but the “iconnect” is supposedly the best.



G-dragon’s new music video

If you have been following me you know that I am not a normal kpop follower. I don’t look up artist and I really don’t go “searching’ for their new videos. I just so happen to get on Facebook when “allkpop” posted about it hitting youtube. I am a supporter of good artists. I’m not a fan of G-dragon per say, but I am a fan of his work. I guess it’s easier to say I don’t like his person, but I like his artistry?

Anyway if you’re interested in my crazy thoughts/ideas you should go watch it.

I may make MV comments a regular thing…who knows ^^

I still want to make a video about his LA performance because….yikes…I have a lot to say.