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This video was recorded today, but I took my hair extensions out right after I ate. Getting the magic perm next weekend 🙂


When it rains….

Yes today was the first day of classes and I was so excited that I could not sleep last night. I got maybe 3 hours if that. The really bad part was that rain was pouring down and trying to drown us all. The skies were really crying today and I was in shorts with sandals on. I thought the sandals were a great idea in the rain, but with the steep hills the shoes came off several times. On the way to my last class they came off again in the mud! How disgusting. Here are my classes and my first impressions of the class based on the Professors.

Pre-Modern Korean History: The Professor seems to be really good and enjoys her life, but the work…wow…the reading is already 27 pages out of one book and 17 out of another. I was just not prepared for that, especially since I wasn’t able to get the book early. It’s okay because I can get it done, but at the same time this class makes me nervous. 

I have a break after that class and I went to eat lunch with friends. I had a bulgogi with rice bowl meal and it was absolutely disgusting. Luckily, one of my new friends named Jessica had ordered a cheese pizza and could not eat it all! It was absolutely wonderful and I may have to get that tomorrow. 

East Asian Cinema: I’m not really sure about all the definitions and such used for film because I’m a Theatre Major, but I have heard some of them. From my understanding this class is like a film analysis class, which I’m glad to take because next semester I will be doing Script Analysis.I think it will help me get used to that kind of writing for the future. 

Korean Culture & The Cultural Wave: I think this class is the most exciting one I have. I don’t mean any offense to any of the other classes or Profs., but this one touches on three things I want to know more about. Music in Korea, Korean Culture in the world, and where did K-pop come from and what does it really consist of. Interestingly enough the Professor of this class has her degree in Theater Studies.

What I liked most about my classes was that all my Professor are from pretty well known Universities! That means that I know I am getting some of the best teachers out there to teach me. I’m thrilled to be apart of this summer program and I look forward to working the A+ this summer.

I did start doing my teacher certification online and it really will be a challenge trying to balance classes and the certification, but I’m going to buy a planner (can’t believe I forgot mine at home) tomorrow so that I can chart out times for things. 



This is more of just information- I was told that the Korean Language Placement test was in all Korean and it was maybe 150 pages or so. It goes from fairly basic to intermediate to more challenging things to place you. I believe that they all receive there class placements tomorrow. 

Oh, RAIN BOOTS? A lot of people were saying that they wish they could go get rain boots, but they had not seen them sold here. If you plan on being here through the summer and love your rain boots be sure to bring them. I know that some people wear those in the snow too so you can do that too if you are into that fashion. 

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a comment or email. 

Videos are up on youtube! (super short clip of …)  Really good dancing happens in Hongdae!

I saw a famous person…

So today was the day before classes and I picked up my student ID. This now makes me feel official especially after having a friend tell me that since I didn’t have my ID card yet I should not say that I go to Yonsei. Crazy right? I was shocked that they had even said that to me. I got a chance to Skype with my parents, niece and nephew. I did take pictures of the campus and Yonsei’s campus is beautiful. I love all of the trees, rocks, and vines everywhere.

Since I was tired of being in my room studying Korean, I decided to go to LanguageCast in Hongdae. While I was there I tried out this burger place called “The Joe.” I decided to try the Bacon Jalapeno burger, but I was very disappointed. I am not saying that the burger was disgusting, but it was just depressing. The look of the burger was great, but the price and the taste did not go together. First off a jalapeno burger should be spicy! I wanted it to be hot hot hot and all I got was no spice in my life. They did have Tabasco sauce on the counter, but I did not want to get up. I just could not believe that they had no spice jalapenos. The next issue was the burger meat. Now why in the world would you cook my burger to taste like garlic!? I was so happy about having a freshly made burger that wasn’t fast food and they ruin it. Another issue was that there was a bug who was trying to eat my food before I was. I can’t stand it when there are bugs in restaurants. That just makes me feel disgusting and sometimes I don’t want to eat the food.

Well while I was eating I heard screaming and saw a bunch of people running to my left. I didn’t really care too much because I was busy munching down on a burger, plus I don’t like when people freak out about celebrities. They are people too…just a little better dressed and better paid than most. Once finishing my food I walked outside and across the street to where I saw a big van. Prior to going in the burger place I had noticed two men in suits just standing on the side of the road and I was so curious about them at the time, but afterwards it all made sense. Those two men were body guards for actor 류수영 (Ryu Soo-young) and I got a very short video of him walking along with pictures of his back. What Ren?! You mean you saw a famous person and you couldn’t even get good shots!? Yes, that’s exactly what I mean! My camera wanted to have a mini malfunction at the time he was coming. I kept pressing the camera button, but it did not go because I had it on auto flash. I turned it off really quickly and record because he was about to pass me. I tried to run to get in front of him and take a better picture, but there were too many fan girls in my way. I’m sorry people! I will try harder next time. I don’t know him and don’t care to, but I know some of you guys love your celebrities so I will do my best!

I’m excited for the start of classes tomorrow, but I am not happy about this heat. I was told that it would rain tomorrow and the real start of monsoon season is upon us.


Rain boots? Not sure about this one, but I kept hearing people talk about them. I personally don’t like rain boots because of how they make my feet feel, but if you come in rainy season it may prove to be a good choice.

Hand Sanitizer: You will soon find that in Korea they don’t really like to dry there hands because the hand dryers are awful! I have seen so many women wash their hands and then just walk out of the bathroom with wet hands. I have even seen some fix their hair right afterwards and i think that is just crazy. So hand sanitizer (슨 소독 정결제) has become my new best friend in public place.

Pics are being uploaded on Facebook by tomorrow.

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