Social Media!

Are you on my Facebook page? 

If you’re not then you have been missing out, but I will apologize due me not putting my videos up on here like I was doing before. 

I put them to my facebook page and forgot. 

So here is the most recent one, and I’m working on several new videos now due to the long break we just had here.


***I expect to be MIA from this weekend until an unknown time period. I will try to post some blogs, but I graduate college this Saturday and then I will be focusing on packing my apartment. I will also be trying to catch up on US TV shows as well as finishing some Korean dramas I was watching prior to the summer. My lease for my apartment is up December 31st and my parents are kind of rushing me for some strange reason. I am giving myself 2 weeks to finish packing and I think it is more than enough time. I actually expect to be done by Christmas Eve. I will of course update you all on my Korea stuff as soon as I know. ^^ *****

Don’t worry, I will still try to be on twitter @mymusicalseoul  and I will of course have to update my other blog Renderstory because there are some things that have got me excited and I just NEED to share. HAHAHA 

The last college final exam of my life….(unless I do a Master’s Program, which I am actually looking into one that’s completely online) is today. I’m in my school library studying. ❤ ❤  2:50am….hoping to leave by 4:30am to sleep. Luckily my exam isn’t until 1 pm ^_^