I’m leaving soon: Flood of emotions


What a terribly long journey this has been! I definitely suggest that if you apply or EPIK you get it over with early (applications for Fall term are being accepted starting Feb 1st). You won’t be able to truly relax until you get your placement, but if you already have all your ducks in a row before they even start placing it will make you feel MUCH better. 

So my coordinator received my documents yesterday (Tuesday for them) and told me that I never sent her a confirmation email about my address and phone number. I looked back at the email I was originally sent with the placement and realized that email was sitting in my draft folder! I am so glad that I had documents still left otherwise I could have been waiting even longer for my NOA/Contract. My coordinator is really an absolutely amazing person. She has been so wonderful to me this whole time and I am always nervous with dealing with higher up people because well, no one is perfect, though I try my best to be. lol  

Anyway, within these back and forth emails we had yesterday, she told me that they are trying to get the contracts out by the end of this week! I am really hoping they make that goal as I am already planning to now leave on January 24th. Many people have asked me about my visa and how I will get it in time, but I have a secret. Teehee, there is a Korean Consulate only about 30 minutes from me and they don’t get as much business so they can do things more quickly. I was told by a Korean friend that sometimes they will process them the same day. All I know is that the time is supposedly shorter than going through the Houston office and for that I am excited. 

All of this news has caused me to become quite emotional. I will be leaving my sister and her kids at a crucial time.She is dealing with some parental rights things and I have been helping her to stay calm. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to help even if I was here because that’s not my area of expertise (although I could make it my area). To know I won’t see my nieces and nephew for at least 4-6 months absolutely kills my heart. I really hope that they do get to come in the summer or I will be really sad at that time. This week, once my car is sold, I will be going to help with the passport process. I am excited for all of our futures, but more nervous for them. I just want to be able to help contribute towards their future. 

Next week I should FINALLY, have a new video up since I will be leaving. 

Can’t believe this is really happening. I feel that I am in a dream state and I will wake up at any moment. I am just happy that I will get a couple of weeks in Seoul to see many of my friends before they return to the states or they head off to other countries to study. 

See you soon Korea, my love! 


2 comments on “I’m leaving soon: Flood of emotions

  1. maybe this is somewhere else on your blog but where are you going on the 24th? To Korea early or are you going to go adventuring en route to Korea? We’re thinking about doing the same thing (leaving early, that is)

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