Paperwork Freedom

Today I had sent off the last of my paperwork to Korea. It was my notarized diploma with the apostille (I drove to Austin, 3 hours away to get it) and I had to send my final transcript as well. It cost me $44 and should arrive before the end of next week. I am still waiting on my placement email, but I am trying to stay busy by reading and studying Korean. I am a relatively patient person, but the waiting with everything does tire one out. I am SO very happy to have those documents in the mail though and I can’t wait to see when they have arrived. 

So there are so many questions that continue to pop up on the EPIK page. A little while back there was one about cell phones and what people would do with them. I found this nice little article on phones and I think I will probably just rent an EGG because I have several phone programs on my phone that work via WiFi and that would hold me over until I bought the new Samsung Galaxy phone that’s coming out! BOY AM I EXCITED ABOUT THAT! Yes I will be buying the Korean version because I hope to be there for more than two years. 

Anway here is the site and it may help you too:


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