Inside Info: Things are looking up on all ends!

So I have known a Korean lady and her mother for about a year or so. They have a hair shop by my parents house and I went in there last week to buy a belt (they have really cute cheap belts). I was telling her about the timeline of documents and how I was worried about how long it may take to get my visa with going to Houston and all. Then she let me know that there is a Korean Embassy office in Dallas not too far from me. They do both visa’s and passports there. She even called them and made sure they could do it for Americans going to Korea. She gave me all the information and told me that sometimes they will do the visa that day and that it just really depends on how many people are in there. HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!?! 

My other good news is that I get to pick up my diploma on January 6th ^-^ 

My older sister said that she wanted to do something really nice for me as a graduation gift and she said that she is going to give me money. I don’t know how much we are talking, but my dad told her about the other test I am going to take in LA and everything else, so I am hoping it is at least $500 because then I don’t have to sell my car right away and I could get all of my stuff done without worrying about someone driving me. I would also be able to do all of the shopping which would allow me to completely pack. I’m going to be hopeful and keep my fingers and toes crossed. 

My living room is almost completely packed, and my bedroom still looks scary. Cleaned out the car adn just need to wipe down the inside panels. Things are getting more real as the new year creeps up. 


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