Meet Koreans and others learning the language

So I’m all about diversity and I love meeting people from different countries. It’s even better when those people share the same interest as me and want to learn the Korean Language. 

If you are at all interested you should click the link and register. It may take a while because you have to wait for an email from the admin and then you have to respond to the questions in that email (it was only 2 questions). Once that happens then you will be able to log in. 

There are some other interesting announcements on that page, a forum and a promotion going on where you can win a pickup (from the airport I presume, accommodation,  a KTX train ticket from Seoul to Busan, or the big one, a ticket to Korea. That’s just some of the cool stuff that goes on there. 

Check it out and get your learning on! 

If you have questions about anything on there, feel free to ask me here or there. I’m “Renderella” on the site 


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