My Skin!

I have to say I’m super frustrated with the US of A. Why? Well because there is something wrong with it. How do I know? Well in South Korea my face was clear and wonderful and I seemed to have a lovely glow. Did I use their face care products? Well OF COURSE I DID! They are said to be the best so why not!? 

SO before I left Korea I was not having any facial issues. I had little to no acne (I don’t have too much of a problem with it anyway) and my skin looked great. I noticed after maybe 3 days of being back in the states my skin started breaking out. I mean, come on! You have to be kidding me. I thought that maybe it was just from the stress on my body from traveling. I did have some greasy food as soon as I returned because that’s what my dad treated me to, but I couldn’t even eat most of that. Weeks later I started getting these strange under skin bumps and they just looked awful so I went out and bought some “Clearasil- Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash.” Now mind you I have not had to use face care products for acne in maybe 10 years, but I remembered that Clearasil was a brand that had worked. Yup, sure enough, after two days of using it the bumps had diminished in size and my face looked a little more normalized. I have continued to use this face wash, but maybe three weeks after that I got those under skin bumps again. This time I got four on my right cheek and three on my left. Well like a silly person, I decided I didn’t want them and started picking at them. 

Long story short I now have acne scars! Two on my left cheek and three on my right. I have actually had this happen before, but they have not looked this badly. I am so frustrated with myself. My makeup does not do a good job of covering them and I am very self cautious. My teeth and my face are two things I really care about. The rest can be easily covered so it’s not that much of a concern. This week I have purchased “Garnier-Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask.” I’m supposed to use these masks 3 x’s a week and I should see results in two weeks. I am on my second time of the first week and my face look dewy. My face also feels softer. Now my face cleanser dries out my skin so normally I will just use my Lancome face cream afterwards, but at night when I do these masks I just cleanse and put this on. The spots don’t look lighter, but my face looks a little brighter to me. I’m really hoping that this works and that they go away. I’m mean I am so frustrated by it that I started looking up acne scarring surgeries! I just want to go back to Korea and get some more of their face care stuff because it is much better. 

I’m also about to try some “Palmer’s Coca Formula” to help with the stretch marks and other scarring I have. I heard from several people that it does wonders and you can see results in as little as two weeks!! So I will try that and put it all over to see if it helps with anything. 

Other than that I am trying to stop biting my nails, stop touching my face so much throughout the day, and to drink lots of water. 

I think I am becoming a health nut, and I’m quite happy about it. lol


2 comments on “My Skin!

  1. We are living the same life right now!(besides the Korea part ㅠ ㅠ) I’ve never taken care of my skin until now when I started using foundation. I was tired of looking so DRAMATICALLY different after I washed my face at night. It was taking a toll on my self esteem, haha! I’m light skinned but for some reason (and this runs in the family, weirdly enough, so I thought this was what you are supposed to do) I pop every single pimple I get. I just hate having them! But now I have years and years of dark spots/acne scars. I also have pretty oily skin. So I’ve been on a skin care journey as well. I’ve used so many things at this point but what had made the MOST improvement that I have ever seen is the Yes To products. Idk if you’ve ever heard of this line but they come in different fruits and veggies to suit whatever problem you may be having. It’s amazing and none of their products are under 94% natural so it’s great. I’ve been using the Yes To Tomatoes(for acne prone/oily skin) and the Yes To Grapefruit(for dark marks/scars) they are a tad expensive but they have great deals online and they sell them at Walmart! If all else fails I think you should totally give it a try. My dark spots aren’t completely gone but I’m not made because like I said, most if them are YEARS old but they have lightened quite a bit! (I just have to control my popping of the new pimples :/) look at their website and browse around they have really great stuff for pretty much every skin care need as well as body and hair stuff! I’ve clearly become an ambassador for them but I absolutely love it, haha! I almost had a heart attack when I felt how soft my face was after using the scrub! *dies*

    • Thanks for the tips! I am going to try the lemon juice on my face thing too. That supposedly works. If all else fails I will get some of the bleaching creams. I know those works because I used a soap before and it made my face much lighter. It was quite strange being so splotchy until it evened out. I just want my skin to look better. It is really taking a toll on my self-esteem. I have lost weight though and I think my skin looks better as the weight goes down, so who knows.

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