Q & A: What are you doing now? & Tell us more about Korea

If you want to teach English through the Korean Government:
If you want to take a teaching certification do this now!
– my buddy Charlycheer on youtube posted a video about a groupon! $70 for a 160 hour online course. They are accreditated by IATEFL!! Just go and search ‘TESOL’ on They even offer demo videos you can watch to decide if you like it before starting the course!


One comment on “Q & A: What are you doing now? & Tell us more about Korea

  1. It’s so fantastic to see your enthusiasm for teaching in Korea, also a congratulations is in order on getting accepted into EPIK! Well done!! Korea will be a better place for having you and your positivity return!
    That’s a wicked groupon deal for the TESOL course! I was going to take one prior to starting EPIK but I found out (very last minute) that it no longer increases your pay grade, if it’s an online certificate.
    They’ll only upgrade your pay if 80 (if I remember correctly) of its 100 hours are completed in person; this is specifically for Busan. Every province/city has its own rules on the matter.
    Still a good thing to take for the knowledge of ESL teaching though!
    I can’t wait to see where you get posted ~ Congrats again!! šŸ™‚

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