A request to promote and words of wisdom

Sorry to this person who asked me forever ago to place his blog on here. He is a black French guy who loves Korea. I have not met many black French people, but I am interested in hearing about the French view on Korea. If you are too why don’t you check him out. 


btw I don’t actually get on Tumblr. I have my blog send everything over to it because I know if I got on it I would not get much work done. 


I don’t want to make anyone sad about Korea, but I have to be honest. It is not easy for everyone who is of color there. I mean even if you may not be Black and you are dark. Many of my friends had really bad experiences with not getting the best of service and also dealing with dirty looks. I even had friends who were completely ignored by Koreans friends they had made after a blonde haired blue eyed person approached. They are very fond of the European looks and many of the Korean girls are dying there hair blonde and wearing blue contacts. I’m not going to lie, I bought some blue contacts too and I love love love them! They are pretty darn cool. 

Anyway, I wish all of you, not just the black people, good luck if you go to Korea. The people there are super nice overall, but there are some who have just had bad experiences with foreign people of all races and can be a little rude towards you. Darn bad apples…


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