Government Shutdown- Yikes!

Well if you are like me  and live in the United States you are now dealing with the shutdown of many of our government run businesses. If you have also applied to teach English overseas like I have then you are probably freaking out if you have not received all of your documents back. 

In August I got to see my Criminal record check from the FBI and it was wrong. They had a different first name on the paper and I had to send it back in to the History Analysis office. Well I called today to find out if they could tell me anything…Lo and behold that office is CLOSED! I cannot hear anything about if they sent it off or if it was corrected until they come back! I was told that the process to have it corrected only takes about 30 days and it has been well over that. So I am crossing my fingers that they already sent it back to me and that it’s in the mail.

I also sent off for a new CRC and realized that I wrote the wrong departments name on the money order. I am hoping that they are still able to accept it. I was told that everything will take even longer to be processed so I am wondering what the organizers of these teaching companies will do if people can’t get their documents done. 

My real hope is that the US Government comes to a decision so that people can have their jobs back, and so others won’t stress over their future jobs. 


2 comments on “Government Shutdown- Yikes!

  1. Ug, that’s exactly it. This ugly political showmanship crap for the Tea Party, and who ends up getting hurt by it? The people. The good people. Teachers! You! Good luck with getting through the stupid stuff and over to the difficult but rewarding stuff!

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