Missing Korea…


This is a popular drink in S. Korea that I never tried. I am finally trying this today. It has an interesting flavor to say the least, but it is not bad. In Korean it is: “포카리 스웨트”.

I really am missing the food. American food just sits so heavily on my stomach. I have taken to walking at least 5 minutes after each meal. Most of the time I walk 10 minutes so I can feel okay. I can’t eat a whole burger here, and I almost died from having nachos the other day. The cheese was too much for me. I am happy about the changes though. Life is good and these kinds of changes are good for my body. I think food delivery may be the most missed by me. You can get so many different food items delivered 24 hours a day. Well after 10p it’s mostly just Mcdonalds, but that was still better than not having delivery here. We get pizza delivered…..something I don’t really eat. Actually I was craving a bulgogi pizza with pinapple yesterday after seeing and smelling pizza.
Boy did Korea change me. Thank you Korea!! I appreciate it! ^^


2 comments on “Missing Korea…

    • You definitely should try to find a way to go! It is an amazing place. I had met so many people who saved up a whole year just to go for several weeks in the summer. It can be done, just depends on how badly you want to get there.

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