So cool!


I asked this random guy if I could take a picture of him because I liked his style. I really just wanted to show you all that the Fanny pack is back and is being worn across the chest! It must be a new style because I did not see anyone doing this until yesterday. I really saw a lot of fanny packs in all different colors and patterns. I was quite shocked, but I can dig it. Now if you notice his hat and shirt…well that’s another story. A lot of Koreans wear these kind of things and I’m not really a fan of them. US has a people who wear them too, but if you go out at night in S. Korea you will definitely see the majority wearing similar things.


I was happy a friend pointes these out to me! Some awesome Texas post cards someone left. I can’t tell you where this place is because it is kind of special and only locals really know about it.


This was a Super Junior poster in Kyochan Chicken restaurant. I did not actually eat the chicken, but I sat with friends while they did.


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