Final Week: Wednesday!

I am still up and I am exhausted. I wanted to write this earlier, but all the studying has taken my time. I have reading to do for my East Asian Cinema class and I still need to type my notes for Pre-Modern Korean History. I’m better at getting up early nowadays and so I will type them up and then hit the hay. I still can’t believe tomorrow is finals…I’m ready to be done with them, but wow wow wow. This week just zoomed on past. 

Today was a good day though. I tried a new dish at one of the restaurants connected to our dorm. I went ahead and booked my hostel back in Jongno3ga for after the dorm closes on Sunday. I could have extended my dorm stay, but it would have cost me way more to do that. 

As I said I am exhausted so I will now finish these notes. I just needed a mini break and talking to you all is the best idea I had. 

Tips: Try the ice cream! Korea has some really delicious Ice Cream and I don’t mind at all. I’m probably one of the biggest fans of Ice Cream here, but I know my limits. I don’t really eat ice cream back home so I didn’t want to use being in Korea as an excuse for me to eat it. I am still watching my body and I still want to put as many healthy things in it as possible. 

안녕히 주무세요 


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