Why so serious?

Thoughts for 7/3/2013:

So many times in Korea I have been late when meeting with friends. Now in the US if you are running late you can call or message someone and say hey I’ll be a couple minutes late and apologize. Well in Korea it is not so easy to do that. I should know by now that I will probably be later than I already think because something always happens to me and I don’t make it on time. In the states I’m almost always on time because I don’t like being late for things. 

Just like a job, with Koreans you need to be on time every time. They expect you to be where and when you said you would be somewhere right on time. They don’t expect something to come up and they don’t like to wait for very long. I have had people get upset with me, message me constantly, and I’ve even had people leave waiting for me because I was going to be late. I understand that you are there on time and I even understand that waiting for someone is not very fun, but they should also understand that things do come up. Also they should know me well enough by now to know that I am still not familiar enough with Korea to give accurate measures of time based on anything. HAH

So my tip to you is to always be early! Do not make anyone wait for you because you could possibly lose a friend if it happens often. They really get upset about it and they can say some harsh words. Luckily I haven’t lost any friends because of it, but I have been hurt a couple of times by some words that were said from me being late. Just always plan to leave 30 minutes before the time you normally would leave to arrive early and just in case something comes up.


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