So as many of you know I go to Language exchanges quite often, but I actually lowered it to only two and these are my favorite. Mondays in Hongdae at Chloris Tea place and also Thursday in Gangnam at “Healing 616” which is a coffee shop as well. I really love both of these places. They always have a lot of people who go and people are willing to practice the language with you. I was very happy to get corrections on some of my Korean notes. Turned out I was confusing two of the Korean letters (ㅈ & ㅊ) and someone helped me correct it. These two are run by the Talk to me in Korean people.

If you are interested in going to one of these when you get here you should go to and search for LanguageCast of course in S. Korea. You can always check that site for other countries as well as see if they offer something similar. Any place that allows you to practice a language for free is a great place so take advantage of it.


That website has many other type of groups based on your interest. They have party groups, hiking, cycling, travel, and so much more. Don’t worry about getting your feet wet. It’s all a part of life.


Oh and the picture is from dinner tonight with many of the new friends I met and one friend from my University in Texas.


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