I’m up late tackling the wonderful list of names and things assigned on one of my midterm sheets. I was very lucky to have one Professor who only wanted us to write a paper for our midterm. I believe my hardest one will be Pre-Modern Korean history (the one pictured above). It’s not that I don’t find Korea’s history interesting, but I just can’t remember the information about the history. With all the reading and movie watching I have to do for my other classes that one just gets kicked out of my brain. For my East Asian Cinema class I’m not sure what to expect, but studying for that will not happen until my 2 hour break between classes.

Now I have come to understand that it’s probably the way I study that causes my memory issue and so I have changed my ways. I am writing more down, putting dashes by important parts, and underlining meaningful names or places. I remember a lot more by doing this and I’m going to look back over my notes more frequently to retain the information. I actually had to do the same thing when I took my general psychology class and I got A’s on everything. If your study habits do not seem to be working ask someone else what they do to remember. They could really help you and your grade.


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