Fruit Frustration?


Hey guys if you didn’t know I love working out and one thing that goes well with the body after a good workout is some fruit. I still actually have yet to workout in the gym here, but I plan on doing so once I find some reasonably priced tennis shoes. Now I bring up this fruit because at Yonsei I have found myself in a sort of dilemma. All of this fruit is super expensive in the SK Global Convenience store. I mean I paid maybe $5 for a little thing of grapes. I mean these grapes are not even big American size grapes, they are pretty tiny. Now talking about this I’m getting frustrated and wish I would have made this a video, but since I have already starting typing I’m not going to start over with a video. HAHAH 

Now fruit in Korea is priced very high for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s because they just sell a lot and want more money, but it seems a little ridiculous. I love fruit, but I don’t want to spend more than I would in the US. The good news is that there is a way to save some money on fruit. There are these wonderful food carts that have people who sell lots of things at lower prices including fruit. I actually couldn’t stand those fruit trucks when staying in Jongno3ga because I heard it every morning and it would take me out of my sleep. Now I actually kind of miss that truck. They sell all of the fruit for a much lower price and I’m pretty sure they probably get it from family or they grow it themselves. I have seen some people standing outside for a full day and it makes me kind of sad. Most of the people at the fruit trucks are elderly and it breaks my heart to see them sit out in the sun so long. 

I just thought I would let you know that there is an alternative to buying the extra expensive food in convenience stores. Also I believe that it is a tad bit cheaper at an actual grocery store than the convenience stores as well. 


When you first get here go to a convenience store and buy yourself a T-money card. What is that? It is the card that you use to get on the subway! It is the card I talked about (at least I think I did) that you can reload down in the subway terminals. Buying the card is maybe 2,000 Won and then you load however much you want on it. If you’re not sure you can tell the person in Korean, just say T-money card and point to the sign (they normally have one right by the counter). Then just hand them 20,000W and they will put the 18,000W (if it’s 2,000W for the card) on the card for you. This card can also be used to ride buses and to pay for things at certain places. If you decide to set up a Korean bank account it may offer a T-money card. Actually I’m pretty sure that most if not all the banks do. 

Keep Practicing your Korean! (더 많은 한국어 연습.) <–I actually think I put Practice more Korean lol, but you get the gist! 


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