Rising Issue

Well since I’m in South Korea I thought that it would be a good idea to post on something that is going on right now. There is a petition and you can click the link to see that it’s about animal cruelty and putting animal meat in food. I personally do not know if I have eaten any cats or dogs here. I was told after having it, that sometimes the street food is made from cat or dog meat, but I wasn’t sure if the person was joking or not. Now that I have seen this petition it makes me wonder about it. I have talked to other people and some have said that they tried cat or dog in another country before, but really don’t want to eat a cat or a dog. Plus I am really against dog violence, well animal violence, but I feel I don’t have the right to really say this because I eat meat and killing for food is a type of violence. 

You know what I find interesting is that you can always see or hear a ton of cats throughout the day and especially at night, but you won’t see a stray dog. I have never seen a stray dog and I have barely seen people with dogs. I would really love it if I could find some more pets.


Toothpaste: I think I told you to bring your own toothpaste in an earlier blog post, but I’m not exactly why I did. I actually really like the toothpaste here, it make my mouth feel like it’s golden! HAHA So it’s up to you. You can bring your own and then go a convenience store when you get here and buy one of the travel kits.


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