The Drama of Korean Dramas

Monday July 9th of 2013

So that URL above will take you to a blog post on the possible remake of the popular k-drama “Boys Over Flowers.” After reading many of the comments I was not very surprised by what was there. I actually already knew what would be there because people are very particular when it comes to Korean dramas and many Americans don’t want k-dramas to be remade by Americans. 

I know you may think that it sounds weird if you don’t watch Korean dramas, but if you do I think you will understand why no one really wants that. I am actually interested in seeing what changes they would possibly make to the script and who these actors would be. Also I would enjoy to compare and contrast the movies. Even though part of me wants it to happen another apart of me doesn’t. I have to ultimately agree with the people who don’t want the remake. Why is that? Have you seen American television lately? I hardly even watch television anymore due to always feeling like my brain is being taking and injected with horrible imagery that paints our society in a not so great light. American television has become so full of sickening “reality” t.v. shows and a lot more sexuality than before that it makes sense as to why a lot of people wouldn’t want this to happen. The other side of it would be that these people are not the same major directors or producers who are currently in Hollywood doing all these shows and movies, but I am still worried. 

I’m worried because I know that a lot of people are taking in this kind of stuff on American t.v., but Korean dramas are more pure. There is a certain aspect in Korean dramas that you can always find and that draws people in. It’s that old fashioned romance that gets you every time. It’s the kind of love that some people attain and many people wish and dream of. The shows are so full of innocence and when there is violence it is normally so gut wrenching that you will be bawling your eyes out. American drama’s like Grey’s Anatomy understand the gut wrenching part, but there is an over use of sexuality in our shows, intense violence, and lots of cursing. I really don’t watch very many American shows because I can feel more at peach after watching Korean Dramas. Yes there are some Korean dramas that are a little more on the extreme side (for a Korean show), but nothing close to America. 

I’m happy that people are so passionate to keep the Asian films Asian. HAHA, but at the same time I feel that America should be pushing the Asian button to adapt some of there shows and try to make magic happen. I want America to go backwards to the Western and classic movies. I love those kind of movies and shows because they are very similar to how kdrama is. 

읽어 주셔서 감사 합니다 (Thank you for reading)


Don’t only make Korean friends: I know that a lot of people come here to learn Korean and want to only build their Korean friend base, but it is good to have a solid set of American friends while overseas too. There will be times when you get migraines from using or hearing so much Korean that you will just want to hear English and you will need them for those times. Also hopefully you would have made friends at least one or two people in each of your classrooms so that if you need help with something that you have someone to contact. 


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