Downhill Day…

Monday July 8:

Today would start off as a bad day with me not getting up on time. I wanted to stay in bed due to my sleep issues and having to stay up through the night to finish homework again. I decided that I can’t miss a class because of laziness, that is just not like me. I made it out in the hall and to my horror it was pouring down rain! Luckily I was wearing jeans and sandals which made it a little more bearable. 

My first class being Pre-modern Korean history I was surprisingly wide awake for having lack of sleep, but of course after my lunch break my body goes into a near comatose mode. In East Asian Cinema we watched the Japanese Horror film “Ringu” and I began to feel my body collapsing. I knew I had to watch a movie the next class too and so I tried to wake myself up by walking as fast as I could (in the rain) to my last class which was back across campus. I was glad, it seemed to have worked until it was discussion time. I was really zoning in and out, but I sat up straight in my chair and made it through. 

Well I knew what I was doing as soon as I got to my room and that was sleep. At least my plan was to eat, sleep, homework, and then Korean lessons, but the last two didn’t happen the way I wanted them to. After eating one of those delicious burgers on campus I came back to my room to mess with my computer. I remember that someone posted about getting your computer to project wifi and so I messed with that. After about 30 minutes I almost collapsed and so I shut my computer and fell asleep. This was probably around 7 pm…I didn’t wake up until 1 am and to my horror realized I didn’t do my response for my cinema class. The only problem was I had messed with my internet settings and it took me about an hour just to get my internet working again. 

So here I am still awake and still busy with work. That means later today during my lunch break I will sleep instead. I just wish the classroom was empty before my class then I could just go and sleep in there. 

I’m not sure why my sleeping patterns are messing up now because they were fine before classes started, but I have just felt so exhausted lately. Maybe it could be because of the weather and the whisper sounds of the rain hushing my soul. Or I could just be experiencing some new sleep issues. When faced with sleep problems when you have work to do, what do you do? Me? That’s when I improvise. I begin to skim pages for information I think is the most important so that I will not be completely clueless in class and if asked a question I can potentially give a good solid answer. 

The only worries I am now starting to have are about my teaching certification because I need to do my next section test, and next week is midterms for my classes. I guess these kind of worries are normal, but I don’t like feeling worried about anything, so I will have to study hard this week and I don’t want to go anywhere this weekend so I can put my brain to work. 


SLEEP! Please get more rest than I am getting. I have noticed that a lot of people have been going out during the week and being tired in class. I am not going out during the week and I’m exhausted so I know that they can’t be doing too well. 

Take care of your body: I am so glad that I worked out so hard up until coming here. My body wasn’t fully prepared for all the walking, but it was definitely a lot easier. My food consumption was really large at first, but now I can barely finish it all. Put a fitness program or some sort of exercise into your life. Even if you are as skinny as a twix candy please do some workouts. A lot of my friends were in pain and tired from all the walking since they don’t workout. I love the walking, but I don’t like the sweating. It makes so much sense why the majority of this culture is made of tiny people. They walk so much and they have so many stairs! I don’t mind walking, but I can’t stand climbing a huge set of stairs. 

Hopefully today will prove to be a better day. 


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