A Beautiful Performance…

Random frustration: I am getting really confused on the days with this blog. I think the days are based on the US for the blog, but since I’m writing the next day about the day before it sometimes hurts my head that I can see the date of the day I’m writing about. It just really messes me up. 

Today: Sunday July 7 (I think I will start dating it like this)

I spent my morning sleeping and dreaming of all the bad things in the world that could happen to me. I wouldn’t really say that I was having nightmares, but I would say that I was experiencing all the fears that had plagued me in the past and I had to fight through them. I woke up realizing that I was safe and that all would be made better once I got out of confinement (my room). Today was one of the best days of my life. I thought last night was amazing, but this was well above what I expected to experience, but maybe it’s because it was a performance art. My friend Jin and I met in Jongno3ga (종로3가) to head to the World Beat Vinari (월드비트 비나리) Performance. I was shocked and amazed at the beauty of the set and the use of the silk screen in the beginning. They used a lot of visuals throughout and the instruments were amazing. They played these huge drums and what I found interesting was that there was only one male and the rest were female. Each person seemed to play a variety of instruments, but there was one person in particular who just wowed me. She sang, played about 4 instruments, and was full of energy and passion. Actually the whole show was full of energy and I can’t even tell you how fabulous this performance was because you will just have to be there to get the full effect. I was very impressed with these artists because of the high energy they used while drumming and dancing. I know that I would not be able to do what they do. It is definitely an amazing talent. During the show I was given a special gift for being a great audience member which was a cute bag with candy. The energy throughout that theater was soul soothing and I actually got really emotional at some points because it was just so beautiful. I know that not everyone would enjoy this because I can think of several people who would not like how loud it was, but I really think that it’s something that should be experienced. With audience participation, the emotion put into the music, and the comical transitions this was just wonderful. 

After the show I spoke with them and thanks to Jin I was able to speak through her and understand them. I asked about their arms and if they were tired. Then several of them flexed their muscles and I was a little jealous. Then they showed me their hands and I wanted to cry. They were so rough and calloused, but these ladies didn’t care. They were doing what they loved to do and it really did show. I will never forget today’s experience and I’m hoping that I will get to go again in the future. They said that they will be in S. Korea next year too, but traveling around to different venues. I really wish those people the best and I hope that you will have a chance to see them. They do world tours as well so maybe in the future if you can’t go to them that maybe they will be headed your way. You can visit the website “www.worldbeatvinari.net” and you should like them on Facebook just because I asked you to “www.facebook.com/vinaristory” 


Experience the local popular shows! Take some friends out and go to a show that you would normally not go to see. Here they have many interesting shows that just can’t be seen anywhere else. The prices are about the same as if you were going to a musical, but I think it’s well worth it. 

미소 (smile)…


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