Apostille Criminal Background Check

Since this is what I’m currently dealing with I thought it would be a good idea to send you guys here to get information on the Background check process too.

Kimchi Teaching

So i have to say it right now THIS STEP WILL TAKE THE LONGEST so make sure you plan well enough in advance. This means that the average wait time to get your background check back is 8-14 weeks! Yep i said that with WEEKS! (ALSO REMEMBER THE INFORMATION IS IN THE VIEW OF A US CITIZEN) Secondly be careful that you do not get it too much in advanced causing it to be voided, the background check is only good for 4 months. (So a good rule of hand is: from the date that the application is able to be sent in, take away about 2 and a half months. So for example the application start deadline is April 1st, send away for your background check January 20th.)

So how do you request a copy of your background check? First visit the FBI’s site for Identification Record Request/Criminal Background…

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