Far away!

AHHH I moved Wednesday, but I feel like I am so far away from everything! As soon as I arrived in my new location I felt sad because it was similar to Jongno3ga area, but it definitely did not have the same feeling. There are mostly older people in this town and the younger ones I see look like they are in middle school. I know that there is a school around here because I saw buses dropping them off. If you have been reading my blog you can only guess what happened to me the first day I went somewhere. Yup, I got lost! I got lost trying to make my way back to this darn hostel! I don’t know why in the world I thought I could just use my self made map to get back to it, but yeah. Jay had helped me move from Yellow Brick to Time Guest House and boy was I grateful, but that is also the reason I didn’t pay attention. We went into some bank on the way to the station so that he could get some money exchanged and I thought I remembered from there, but on my way back it did not look the same. I ended up walking for about an hour street by street trying to figure it out. I finally recognize a market that I recognize at the beginning of my search, but thought it was wrong and I finally took that route….voila! MY HOSTEL! I was so upset with myself, but also so very happy because I had to go to the restroom. 

Before I got lost Jay and I had headed to Hongdae and ate lunch. My new place said that they had just finished filming a comedy and the place was a wreck because all the film crew was there. Luckily, they have a picture on thee wall to as prof or I would have been really aggravated with them. Since it was true I thought it was really cool and I calmed down. HAHA not that my version of upset is probably even considered being upset. 

Today I ventured out and didn’t take a map or anything. After being lost I realized how easy it was to get to the station and back. It is seriously about the same walking distance as in Jongno 3 ga so I am happy. I FINALLY met a new friend today who has been trying to meet with me. Min Ho (민호) and I met in Gangnam because that is closer for him, but we both still had to travel about an hour to get there (I feel my new station is so far away from everything, but it’s really near the heart of Hongdae). We went to Cafe Pascucci to have some drinks and chat. He wants to improve his English so it is perfect practice for me! Due to me not eating we headed to a restaurant and had 닭갈비. Boy was it delicious! I definitely would like to have that again and if you have not tried it I would suggest it. I do have pictures of that, but hopefully it will be able to be uploaded on Facebook tomorrow. 

After we departed ways I was going to just go back to my hostel, but I decided since it was so early and I’m so close to Hongdae that I would just go there. On the train there I met a guy whose name just so happened to be the same as my friend I was with earlier. We talked about TEFOL and stuffs. Hopefully I can be of assistance to him too in that area because I definitely want to practice teaching with people.  

So I went to Hongdae and do you know what happened? I sang! What? YUP! I sang in Hongdae! I asked this guy who was playing and singing (after I gave him 2,000 won) if I could play one song on his guitar. He said sure! I was so shocked and so happy so it actually made me more nervous, but I did well. I forgot the last line, but since no one really understood me it was okay and I ended the song like nothing happened. HAHHA I played “99 Red Balloons” in the style of NENA. I had a lot of people watching me and I was very happy to draw a crowd. Of course the crowd probably wasn’t because of how great I was singing, but probably because they don’t normally see black females playing guitar and singing in town. 

I did have an interesting encounter with a man there. I was walking trying to locate Baskin Robbins and then he stopped me. I was a little weary of him because he seemed to be a little on the strange end so I had my umbrella in damage mode (my right hand=dominant hand) just in case something happened. Sure enough this guy who said he saw me sing wanted my number. I said I didn’t have a number and then he noticed my phone and saw that I had Kakao talk. He of course asked for it and then tried to ask me to go to tea with him. I told him I had to hurry up and get to the ice cream shop and so I couldn’t. HAHA He didn’t comprehend so I took off. While I was leaving he said “You are so sexy, I hope we can talk later.” WHAT IN THE WORLD!? My first extra strange, completely creepy, confrontational Korean Male! Yikes! Please please please don’t let that happen again!! Oh my word! 


Don’t look sexy? HAHA I don’t even know where that came from, but I have noticed (even at language exchange groups) that a lot of Korean guys are trying to get close to foreign girls for the wrong reasons. I actually watched a guy Wed scope out the room and then choose which girls to go to. I laughed when he actually started talking to me because he was trying to get noticed by the French girl that was close to me. He was talking so loudly! 

Go to a large Baskin Robbins if you’re going to go! I wanted a banana split and ended up with an ice cream cone because Gangnam is the one with all the good stuff. It’s right on the main street across from the famous University that has the clock that I showed you guys a picture of. 

Don’t be afraid to be different. Yes I know I wrote about this, but I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of dressing like everyone else and copying there mannerisms, but try to be you throughout your trip. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Honesty is always the best policy no matter who you are. Plus you never know who is watching you and looking you up to make sure you are who you say you are. 

Next topic: Possibly…dating in Korea? Should I do that? Should I really go there? I am not dating anyone, but just on things I have noticed…would you like that? Let me know! 


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