Special Post: My mind is wild tonight

My take on Beauty/ A dramatized-ad driven Korea:

You will come to Korea and you will walk the streets just as I have done. You will recognize everything that I am pointing out to you. Maybe not immediately because you will be so happy to be here and so focused on reaching your destination that you may miss it. I don’t really want to tell you about this place because I know that in some of your head it will make you slightly uncomfortable because you didn’t want to come to place that was so similar to the US. I also know that a good deal of you want to come to Korea for the wrong reasons. You want to come because of what you watched in the dramas. You are probably a hopeless romantic wishing that some gorgeous Korean man/woman will come and make your life all the more better. That’s not realistic nor is it the reality or is it?

What do you look for in a man or a woman? Are you more about personal appearance or personality? Do you want to go with the wealthy man/woman who may not be very caring or someone who has little money, but is very caring?

Korea is full of different types and different people want to gain different things. I would like to believe that the majority of the world chooses someone because of what is on the inside, but I know that more than probably 90% base it on physical assets rather than mental and emotional aspects.

You look at all those Korean dramas and what do you see. Very handsome men who always end up with these gorgeous girls or at least really wealthy ones. If it’s not that kind of  stuff then they show you the poor girl who gets saved by a rich man or the opposite. This seems to be a diseased way of thinking, but I will say that it is possible. Possible in the sense that in Korea, as stated in the previous blog, it’s just like America. There are all kinds of possibilities in relationships and people’s reasons for choosing a certain person may not be the same as what you think there reasons are. 

I have seen all kinds of relationships here. The married couples that you can tell don’t really like each other, but are tolerating it because they are married. The married couples who still act like teenagers and are really adorable together. Really gorgeous girls who are with non-attractive males and then the switch. Interracial couples of all kinds of mixes (not just Korean and American). I have seen older with younger couples as well and I just smile at all of them. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes in Korea as well. I have actually spoken to many a male here about there take on dating and such. Surprisingly a good deal of them actually don’t like super skinny girls. Maybe it’s because that’s all they see in their world?

What do you mean that’s all they see Ren? I know that everyone there cannot look the same. Really? You think they can’t?

Korea is a sort of disturbing place. There are so many ads everywhere that focus on beauty of the face, body, and outer wear that would shock even a California plastic surgeon. Well of course the clothing wouldn’t really shock nor does it have anything to do with a plastic surgeon. You sit on the subway and you are bombarded with ads on the TV screen about surgeries of various kinds and even along the walls of the train. The buses have huge ads for beauty products and the subway station also has huge ads promoting facial surgery. You would think that just because the signs are there doesn’t mean that a lot of people are doing it, but wow. I would have to say that this is the one area that Korea and America are very different. I know that we probably have a lot of actors and wealthy people who have surgeries, but we can tell they had surgeries. Also most of the people who have surgeries in the US looked much better before the surgery. Here in Korea I feel that getting surgery is almost as important as wearing clothes. I actually saw several girls in these two weeks with facial bandages, but I wondered how they looked before and what made them want to take such drastic measures. What was interesting to me was that these girls did not look happy. They looked like they were suffering from some sort of internal battle and I’m sure they were. It’s one thing to walk around feeling insecure about your looks, but it’s another thing to walk around with bandages and everyone knowing that you were so insecure that you had to take a drastic measure.

Many of the men here have informed me that they prefer natural beauty over people who have had surgery, but then why do so many people feel the need to have surgery. In my head the only reason why is because it’s so popular among the stars. There are so many ads with famous people on them showing the before and after pictures that it makes you sick. Is it strange that I think about what people looked like before they had surgery? Is it strange that those who have had surgery kind of make me think they are robots? WHAT? Yes, in my head I believe that this type of behavior is very conformist. They do it because that is what they see and what many of their friends and/or colleagues are doing. It is SO hard for me to express what I really want to say while typing because I have so many thoughts about this flowing through my head that my 70+ WPM just can’t keep up with it. All that I can say is that Korea is a fantasy land with a crazy sense of beauty. Everyone wants to look like the TV stars which causes so many of them to look the same. The majority of the women wear heels and the men wear skinny jeans.

Sorry guys, I just can’t go into the fashion side of things because I may have to stay up another hour and I just can’t do that.

Let me say this: If you want to be beautiful change who you are on the inside and not the outside. Inner beauty is so much better than anything that people see with there eyes. How do you change? Treat people with respect, be caring, be trustworthy, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal and most importantly…Learn to love yourself. If you can’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to. Wow…getting deep now. I will stop here because that is a whole different topic.


Be Original
Be Unique


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