A day all to myself

Today was a day I spent pretty much alone. I woke up to find that my hostel room was empty which gave me time to do a Korean lesson via the http://www.ttmik.com application on my phone. I was happy to finish it, but in the last five minutes of the lesson someone came in the room and spoke to me. It was a Japanese lady who had left the other day and it was quite strange to see a familiar face back in the same room, but using a different bed. 

I gave time to my best friends while packing up my stuff to move on to the other location. I am ready to move to Hongdae area, but I am very sad about not being able to go to Busan. As I say, things happen for a reason so maybe I just wasn’t supposed to go there yet. I’m also hoping that whoever took my camera will actually use and take care of it. I don’t really care about the camera itself, I just cared about the pictures. I’ll survive, but it’s hard to deal with when you know you can’t recreate the memories that you captured. The good news is that I will remember those feelings of the first time I went to that location and I will definitely go there again. 

After getting the majority of my stuff ready to go, I headed out to go ice skating. I went to the Korea University exit #3, and hopped on bus number 20. It was only maybe 4 stops away, but I ended up going one exit too far and I had to walk backwards maybe 5 minutes, but it was fine. When I got to the ice rink they told me that it was closing at 5 pm today instead of the 6 pm time that all the websites said that it was closing at. The ice itself was not very good. I did not feel like I was on ice at all, but that I was on concrete and that my blades could be messed up at any time. I think the rink there is really mostly for hockey because they do have a hockey team at that school. I did get in trouble because I was skating inside the cones and because I didn’t see a teach where one of the girls were so I thought it was just a practice area, but the teacher came HAHHA. I loved watching all of the little kids learn how to speed skate. They were super adorable and I could tell that some of them really didn’t want to be doing it, while others loved it. 

When I left the University I decided that I didn’t want to take the bus back because it was not very far from the subway station. Funny thing is that when you are riding a bus if it is not your intention to remember where you are going then you won’t remember. Today I was not paying attention to where the bus had come from and I thought that I would recognize the buildings along the way. I did recognize the buildings until I made it to a certain intersection…that lead me to just follow the big crowd of people thinking that someone had to be headed to the subway station, but nope. Due to my mistake I ended up walking almost two hours to a subway station on a completely different line. By the way, today it was raining and I had sandals on, so you can imagine what I went through. 

Next step was getting on a different line once I reached the subway station so that I could head to the language meetup. I guess I’m just awful with directions because even with the map I was given I still could not find the cafe that I was supposed to go to. I have no idea where it could have been because I had help and it still was not where it was supposed to be. I just need a guide to take me everywhere I want to go because I keep getting lost. Luckily for me the area is super beautiful and I don’t have really have to worry about getting robbed or anything. Instead of continuing my search I decided to just come back to my hostel and that is where I am now. Typing that sentence just made me realize that I was probably typing in the wrong tense in some areas, but I refuse to proof read today! HA.

I had a very insightful time with someone tonight and it caused me to take longer to write this and to re-write my other post.


KEEP A MAP! SUBWAY MAP and Map on Korea. If I would have had my travel map with me I probably would not have been lost today, but I stopped carrying that with me because I don’t like it.

Bug Spray: A lot of us foreigners in my hostel have been getting eaten by mosquitoes and it is quite annoying. Please bring some sort of bug repellent with you or you will be regretting it.


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