More than expected

Wow, today was an absolutely fabulous day! I saw so much and had so much fun…all the way until I lost my darn camera! Yes, I lost my camera on the subway line 3. I’m hoping that someone found it and turned it in because there is no way to re-create the day. The beauty of the day was also in the weather, it made it so perfect for pictures. It was cloudy and close to raining, but oh so beautiful. 

This morning I actually got up earlier than normal and got to speak with my mother and my babies (niece and nephew) which was quite nice. I had to head out early to meet with Danny and his friend and oh what an adventure we had. 

Just thinking of what I’m about to type is making me because I really took a lot of pictures and I thought about how much I knew you all would enjoy them. Anyway….to the fun! 

First thing: Danny was late! hahaha not by much, but he was late and I made fun of him for it. I had to go about an hour or so to the station that he wanted us to meet at and his station is the one right next to it so of course I had to make fun of him. He is such an awesome guy! Wish I could let you all meet him, but then I think I would lose time with him before he disappears to the states for 3 years!

Now for the food! As always food should come first in your day. We went to this chic little Pasta place in Jeongja (정자) and while there we saw a lady doing a photo shoot. Considering that she changed her outfits we were thinking that it might be fore a department store ad and I took pictures of her getting her picture taken. The food was amazing! We had three different things: Pasta with tomato sauce, creamy chicken pasta, and a chicken and Gorgonzola pizza.  The two pastas also had sea food in them and was definitely interesting. I tried some type of shelled fish thing for the first time and it was actually pretty tasty. 

I can’t remember the name of the art museum that we went to next, but I do know that I saw a lot of great things. We went to some pottery place next to it first and we saw so many interesting looking pots. When we went to the Art museum side we were disappointed in the fact that the first floor was the only one open because they were doing something on the second floor. Luckily we got to at least see and experience the first floor and boy was it interesting. I think those pictures from there would have been very entertaining for some of you.I feel really badly about losing my camera because I made Danny and Minhee climb all these stairs at the back of the art museum so that I can take pictures along the trails. We actually walked a great deal and my legs were burning when I finally told them that we could leave. We left and and since Danny and I were headed the same way we left Minhee to take her bus back home.

After we got back to the bus area I told him that I didn’t want to go home because I didn’t have any plans for the day so we decided to go bowling. I have never in my life bowled in a dress and when I put those ugly shoes on I felt like an old lady. All I could do was laugh at myself and how hideous it looked with my dress. I believe Danny and I played four games and he beat me in all of them! He is so good! In one game he had 5 strikes in a row! My brothers would love to bowl against him and I definitely want to bowl against him again! I know that I can bowl better than I did, but wow…wasn’t expecting him to be that good. 

Once we finished with bowling I was hungry again. We went to some chain restaurant and got some samgyupsal and it was quite tasty.I found a new drama that I wanted to watch thanks to that place. Once we were done I wanted dessert and Dan chose Häagen-Dazs! Talk about another great place to get fat! I ordered something delectable and although I didn’t think it was worth what I paid, it was still very tasty. I’m surprised with all the talking I did today that Dan didn’t tell me to be quite haha. 

Oh hey! I finally got a backpack! Now I can actually go ice skating, but since I’m moving on Wednesday it probably won’t happen until then. Hopefully on Thursday or depending on what time some of them close I can still do it on Wednesday.

Tomorrow/today I will hopefully be going to meet up with a friend in Gangnam and then I will be headed to a language learning meetup around 7p. Of course before that I will be going to the station to see if my camera was found. 

I thought about the fashion today, but since I had such an eventful day I will need to write about it on one of my lazy days. 


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