America in Korea

So yesterday for me was a day of rest and relaxation until my stomach got the best of me. I went out to eat with my new buddy Jay from over at Fortune Hostel and we found a very inexpensive place. We both had Bibimbap and it was only $6,000 won per person! So much food! Those are the types of places that I really enjoy. There was something I thought was interesting about the place. They had some self serve water! Most of the time you go into a restaurant and you are given a container with water and your two little metal cups. Actually the place that I had the barley tea had these wood like cups and I really liked those. Or maybe it was just the tea that made me like the cups hahah. 

After I ate with Jay I headed to go find Baskin Robbins at Hyewha station. I wanted to try the banana split there since I didn’t have it last time and those are my favorite. I ended up not finding it, but I did see a lot of theaters and cool looking restaurants on the way. I decided to just buy an Orea Mcflurry from Mcdonald’s since I really wanted Ice Cream. After getting the Ice Cream I decided to walk a little further down the road to check out more of the street vending carts. Low and Behold there was that darn Baskin Robbins! It was in the complete opposite direction from what I was told. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for choosing the Mcflurry because I was originally going to walk down further before getting it, but I had turned around. 

I found a spot to sit by some bushes in between a building and I just sat and watched people. I know you think that may sound a little creepy, but I wanted to just sit and collect my thoughts about Korea so far and how I really feel about it. I had to be honest with myself which it is sometimes easier for me to make myself believe something that’s not true, but this time it was quite easy. 

What’s my discovery?

I love Korea already. I know that I could be and feel comfortable living there. The different aspects to the culture, the natural beauty of the land, and the people make it bearable. No I have not been here long and I don’t expect to be an expert on living in Korea, but I know one thing. Korea is not that much different from the US. Yesterday I thought about my future and honestly while sitting I began to think what would I do a thesis on if it were on Korea. I could probably write so much on Korea and it’s westernized ways. 

What are you trying to say?

Sadly, for some of you I know you don’t want to hear this, but the truth is that Korea is no different from the US. The only thing that is really different is the lack of diversity in race, but even that is changing. If you thought that Korea was going to be different and you wouldn’t have any issues it is not so. Korea, as different as it is, is not different. I do a lot of people watching when I eat, walk, ride the subway and shop. I wonder what people are thinking and why they do certain things that they do. I want to better understand the mindsets of some and others I could care less about trying to figure out. 


HAHHAA ^ my mind is screaming at me too. 

In Korea you will find everyone from your loner, to your drunk, to the stuck up people that you love, and to the stuck up people that you can’t stand. They have people who work at places like Mcdonalds and then you have your professionals. If you were put in a room with a bunch of Koreans, after a while you would see that they are no different from you. They have their insecurities which mostly consists of how they look and how people perceive them. Yes, there are great people here, but there are also selfish rude people as well. I watched so many people and I saw high school all over again. I saw girls who treated the not so pretty friend like trash, the girls who thought they were better than everyone else, and the shy girls. I saw the same thing in the opposite sex. I watch peoples mannerisms and try to figure out what is bothering them in life. I wish I could help so many of them, but I feel helpless without knowing the language. I laugh at myself because I don’t want to be a psychologist or a psycho therapist nor anything like that. I just want to be able to make people happy and help them to somehow improve their lives. Maybe I am a little crazy to think in this way, but it’s easier to make friends when you understand them. 

I wish you all good luck and I hope when you arrive you enjoy it. 


Skin Care:

If you know you have skin problems like acne or something be sure to bring your own products unless you want to be a guinea pig. I say that only because they have SO many different kinds of face care stuff that it would make you sick. They even have bee and snake venom for your face! What kind of mess is that!? I asked the lady who worked there if she used it and she said no. 

I would have to just say to do the same for your hair care products. I don’t know what half of the stuff says or what is in it because I don’t have wifi everywhere and can’t use my phone dictionary so it becomes a problem. I did buy some really great smelling body wash! 

Pictures from yesterday should be up later today or tomorrow. They are on my phone because I forgot to charge my camera so it takes a bit longer. 

Maybe I will write on Korean Fashion and Beauty next….who knows because I don’t


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