Yes there is a night life


I would first like to apologized for not having one yesterday, but all this walking is getting the best of me. 

So Friday I went shopping in the Myeongdong area. My goal was to make it to an H&M, but I could not find it. Instead I ended up on this extra busy area of shopping. They had really cheap stuff there and I spent more than I should have there. After being out all day I went back to my hostel and changed to go to a language exchange meetup and then out for the night. Last night I did the same thing minus the shopping. I am telling you this because I felt it would not be fair to write a blog about Korea and my time here and not give accurate information. 

Night Life: I am so in love with Korean night life. I am a night person and I absolutely can’t stand the day time, but I love the night. I stay up late watching movies, kdrama, or playing video games so to know there is a place in the world where people are out having a great time until the subway re-opens at 5:30 am is amazing to me. Friday night I spent time in Hongdae. There are a ton of foreigners in Hongdae and it kind of made me not want to be there, but I had a good time. You will have to be careful because there were a lot of Americans who were making us look bad. I was quite disappointed in what I saw, but all I can say is don’t let that be you in the future. What is open and when did I go? I think the language exchange started at 7:30 (same for both nights) and we did not leave the town until the subway opened again. There were restaurants open, street vendors, stores, bars, clubs, and it really just seemed like in the day time. It was packed full of people of all ages. You could tell that most of them were high school age and that they didn’t even go home yet because they were still in their uniforms with backpacks on. It was very similar to a circus out there because people are every where. You look around and you are surrounded by all these people. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely like to go out again, but I think the weekend is best because my legs are killing me from all the walking I did. I wanted to see so many things while I was out that late so I just walked and walked. I did stop in a bar to play darts with my friends and that was actually fun too because I won 3 out of 5 games! GO ME!

I’m sorry if this blog post is hard to follow. I’m actually in a rush and I don’t have time to proof read right now, but I did want to let you guys know what I did. 



Make sure you know the Korean numbers! It is so hard and people will get angry with you if you don’t understand it. I have had this happen to me so many times because it takes me a while to remember some of them. Plus I get 8 and 9 confused a lot so make sure you have it down. There are applications on Android and Apple for learning Korean and practicing the Korean numbers. 

Don’t take more money then you would like to spend with you if you go out. Something I do is I have the money that I can spend visible in my wallet and then the money I don’t really want to spend, but is more of just in case something happens some where else on me. It has definitely saved me having the back up money because sometimes my food is more pricey than I think it would be, but I only took $20 with me but I have $30 as back up.

Please please please Drink Responsibly if you are going to come here and drink. I saw so many drunk foreigners doing ridiculous and idiotic things. Again I will say, Don’t be that person! 


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