Creeper Day

I know this is probably not the most appropriate title for any type of blog, but today started off great and ended with me still freaked out although great things still happened. 

First things first, I did not do anything or go anywhere until around 3 pm. I was very tired from staying up until 5 am trying to watch some Kdrama while I could. I woke up around 10 am to messages from my mother and then fell back asleep. I really wanted to stay in bed longer, but I also really wanted to see the park that guy was talking about last night so I forced myself up out of bed. 

In between getting dressed and going to the park I got great news from a friend in Busan and I have made the decision to go there for close to a week. I am very excited to be able to tell you all about a different area in South Korea. I thought that you might really enjoy that, so I planned on going anyway, but yeah. If you have any places you would like me to go this summer please just leave a comment and tell me why. I would really like to go to some other locations, but there is actually a ton to see just in Seoul area and I can’t even do it all right now. 

So I go to the park, Tapgol park (read a little about it here and I walk around. I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of this little park and the fact that I had never been to it even though it is right past that Mcdonald’s that I keep going to. There were these images…wow…they just made me tear up and I hurt for the Korean people and their struggle for Independence. I’ve always been very grateful to have been born in a time where there was no major war going on. The only reason I left the park when I did was because it had closed! *hahah*

Now this is why the title is “Creeper Day”:

I come from the park and I see some Christians singing in Korean. I stop at the light and I get semi-harassed by an elderly homeless man who I thought was going to follow me. I go into the Burger King across the street because I really needed to eat some food. I see a guy in there and I thought he was going to order, but I guess he didn’t. I didn’t notice him again until I went upstairs and sat down. I am not sure if they guy had food in front of him or not, but I did notice that he kept looking my way and looking at his phone. I was very confused as to whether I knew the guy or not so I gave a casual look around the place and scanned over him. Nope, I definitely didn’t know the guy. When I got up to leave, so did he and I realized that this guy was following me. Since it was daytime and there were a ton of people I didn’t really have an issue with someone following me until it became super apparent that he was deliberately trying to keep up with me. I go to the subway station and go down to find my way to Gangnam. I saw that he was close by me and so I walked down one way and back the other way, and then back again to stand next to the biggest Korean man I saw. I get on the train and I am relieved because I saw him outside of the doors, but suddenly he is inside the train and stands by me. I have my headphones in and my music up loud so I didn’t know if he was trying to say something to me or not. To get to Gangnam I have to transfer once and he followed me there too. I tried to lose him in the train cars again but he followed me. If you know anything about Korea, you know that the Gangnam station is super packed full of people. Well I tried to walk as fast as I could and I even jogged a bit to try and lose him. Tell me why this guy was right behind me still!? I had already taken a mental picture of this guy. Dark bags under his eyes, green polo, and white shoes with orange laces. I could not picture his pants in my head, but I tried not to look at him too long so my brain didn’t finish downloading the image. Once I exited Gangnam station I saw those shoes in a store mirror and realized that he was still there. I was so annoyed by the fact that someone was following me and did not say anything. I think maybe he thought that he knew me because he kept looking at his phone and then at me even on the Subway train. So to get to my LanguageCast meetup I had to go in the Adidas store to ask where Woori Bank was because I thought I might have been going the wrong way. The guy did not go into the store, but he was still outside the store when I came out with the guy. He was definitely looking at me so I knew I had to hurry and reach my destination. Once I reached Woori Bank I walked as fast as I could up this big hill to Healing 616. I saw him behind me, but I don’t know if he only went to the first intersection or if he came to the coffee shop and then decided that he wouldn’t go in. I was so certain that this creeper would follow me in there. I told the people at the Language meetup about it and I even had someone go to the restroom with me because I was seriously freaked out. I mean I could have yelled at the guy on the Subway and asked if he was following me, but I didn’t want to be wrong and cause a scene. Also, what if they guy didn’t understand any English? Then what would I do. I can hardly find English speaking Koreans here and if they do speak English it is very limited. 

After all that craziness the LanguageCast was a blast! I had a lot of fun meeting some people and I even got to talk to two guys about gaming so I was quite happy. After leaving the L.C. I was looking for the guy to see if he might have waited around for the 3 hours because coming from where I am to Gangnam is a good 20 minutes, so why would you waste that time following someone when you could be doing something else?

Oh I did make a new friend on the way back from the L.C. in the subway! His name is Jake and he is an English teacher from Texas! It was a breath of fresh air to speak with someone from Texas who is Korean and can speak perfect English! I was so happy to meet him and talk with him. 

I obviously made it back to my hostel safely and ended up having a good time with the desk worker Paul. He is quite an interesting guy, helpful, but definitely needs a stress reliever other than smoking. 

So that was my oh so interesting day! 


If you think someone is following you call 112! It’s like Korean 911! yay! 

Be prepared to be a sandwich on the subway! I have already been elbowed, pushed off by an old man, shoved into people, and I’m pretty sure I was yelled at too. It is a battle when you hit around 5 o’clock because people are getting off work and just want to get home to relax. There are also a lot of Young adults/Adults out getting ready to have adventures. I say to just take deep breaths and push your way on or off. Don’t be afraid to tap people to get off! 



2 comments on “Creeper Day

  1. Maybe he just never saw a Black person before or thought you were someone famous??? That was going to be my next question, I’m sure they see plenty foreigners but I doubt that many are Black. Have you noticed anything different in how the speak to you or act? I’m like 6’3 260 Black male with visible tattoos, so I expect a little attention.

    • Yeah I took that into account and just dealt with him following me.I thought maybe he would ask for my autograph or ask if I was someone, but he didn’t. It was just creepy because he looked creepy. He really looked like he needed to be in a hospital. I would definitely know if he is following me again because his face is hard to forget.

      Being black here is easy I think. People are fascinated by the color and they just stare, want pictures, or will just take pictures of you without asking. I also carry George (my monkey) in my purse with half his body out so a lot of people will tell me cute monkey! lol. I think a lot of people want to try out there English because I do get a lot of people who randomly say hi to me and ask me questions. It is kind of fun, but I know soon there will be plethora of blacks in Korea. Maybe in the next 3 years or so. Sadly most of them are only really want to be here for the K-pop scene.

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