Gangnam Style and other things

Well yesterday was quite fun. I started off moving as I said in the other post and it’s kind of sad, but I needed to move. I got to know the roommate I will have and she seemed really nice, but she will be leaving tomorrow I think. It is so strange to be in this place because there is only one other person. Also this hostel seems very quiet and dead. I may have to suggest something to them to help boost popularity or something. I know that people enjoy their peace and quiet, but they should also not feel like they are in a ghost town. 

I got dressed 4 times trying to decide what would be best for the weather and then realized that I was going to be late to meet my new friends. I was 30 minutes late!! I really couldn’t believe myself and I was devastated by the distance of the train. I guess I just didn’t realize how long it was going to take to get there. I was expecting maybe 10 minutes, but it was longer than that. First thing I saw off the subway was a huge Gangnam Style sign and that is already up on the Facebook page. Felix and Danny took me to some restaurant where we got to know each other a little better.  It was an amazing restaurant and I will be sure to get the name of it from one of them later. It was a similar style as the night before, but it tasted so much better and was less expensive with more rice!

At the lunch/dinner table we decided that we wanted Ice cream so we made a plan to go to Baskin Robbins. This Baskin Robbins was delightful. The design was superb and it made me feel so cheery in there. The Ice Cream/ Dessert items really blew me away. I wish that the ones in the states had that many choices of items. You can view the delicious looking menu on blog page. 

Around 7 we left and went to the language exchange locale and had an enjoyable time mingling with the people. I like that there was a smaller group of people at this one compared to the other one. Of course sadly at 10 we all had to leave and go our separate ways.

My way home was not fun. The subway was so packed full of people it looked like a can of mashed tuna. 


I wanted to inform you that there are Homosexuals in South Korea. The subject is pretty hushed, but my area is one of the larger homosexual communities. You can’t come to S. Korea looking for homosexuals because you will think that almost everyone is if you did that. Men and women both hold hands, lock arms, and do other things that may be associated with a relational partner, but that is not the case. A lot of Koreans display that kind of behavior and they are just friends with each other. It’s interesting to hear other Foreigners perspectives on Korean males. Many of them are shocked by the type of clothes and the level of male feminism displayed through ads and such. I will admit that if you are not used to this kind of behavior that you probably would question everyone’s sexuality. You have to also understand that here in S. Korea they go the pretty boy route. “A man’s skin should look as good as his woman’s, or better”  HAHAH I actually think it’s a great thing. I think that men should spend more time caring about how they look for their women. Ha. They should shave, use some under eye cream for those late nights of gaming, and get there dirty nails done every once in a while. Why are American men so afraid to show any sign of Feminism? I have noticed that it is changing, but I don’t think enough men are getting the memo that many women like that. 

Oh well…..time for me to finally get some rest. 


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