First time in Korean Rain

Yesterday was quite a day. We found out it was raining and we all wanted to go outside. I ended up not leaving until around 5 because when I found out about the rain it was around 2 pm and I still had a lot of online things to take care of. My hostel group had planned to go to dinner together around 6:30 pm so I said I might as well not attempt to go anywhere because then I would miss the dinner adventure. I ended up just going to the local “CU” store and taking pictures of familiar products which you can view on Facebook. I did purchase the black bag of Angry Bird chips, but they are not very good, but I will eat them since I bought them. 

Alright…so dinner. We first off it was raining outside, but I did not want to have dinner in this town since I will be here another week, so we went to Myeongdong. It took us about 30 minutes to decide on a place to eat because I wanted to understand the pricing and how much we were going to get. When we got to this restaurant….I was very shocked by the cost and the lack of meat for the price, but it turned out to be okay! The food itself did not taste very good to me, but it was an enjoyable experience thanks to the company. I never want to eat at a place like that again because I felt that it was too much work to put your food together than to eat. One thing I loved there was the hot Barley tea they had. It was so  tasty and it made the food taste much better in my mouth. We did have a Korean style pancake which was my absolute favorite part of the meal. 

Yesterday was my last day at Fortune Hostel and now I am at Yellow Brick right across the street from it. I already miss that place, but I have to be able to write a review on another location. I chose this one because it is rated so high that I thought it would only be right for me to give an accurate review as well. 

Today I will meet up with some people to practice Korean and to help them with English. Then we will go to the Gangnam Language Exchange group. I’m quite excited about today because I love meeting new people ^^



Toothpaste- I don’t know if I wrote this, but I keep thinking about it. I remember being told that the toothpaste here is not the same so you need to bring your own. I did not recognize any of the brands I saw in the store, but someone told me that they do have Colgate, but I have yet to see it. 

Tennis Shoes- Omgosh! I should have already bought some because I didn’t want to wear my boots with jeans and so tennis shoes in the rain would have been nice, but it was still okay since I had my umbrella. The roads here are very crazy so there were a lot of large puddles where we walked. 

Money- Make sure you have enough money to spend. Things here are pretty inexpensive (minus the face care and make up of course) unless you want to buy the really expensive clothing brands or something, but what I mean is that things can add up quickly. I constantly do calculations in my head about how much I spent and how much I may spend the next day depending on where I am going. I set a limit each week of how much I can spend because I have a monthly limit. Right now…I set my limit at 80,000 Won a week which could be more, but I don’t want to spend so much. This money includes food and fun so it really isn’t a lot of money for the week, but I make it happen. ^^

Thanks again for listening. I might get a vlog up today! There’s only one other person who shares this room with me right now!


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