Well by the title you know that I actually went somewhere yesterday. I was happy to finally get out of my hostel and go out and about. I have been wanting to go to the mall to get cooler clothes and to get some tennis shoes since I have still yet to get them. I was going to go to Coex mall, but I decided to go to the Jongno shopping mall that I saw on the map since it was really close to my location. I definitely should not have made that decision. 

First off, this was in no way shape or form a shopping mall. This was so crazy to me, I seriously was dumbfounded by the fact that they called this a mall. The first floor was a jewelry store. It took us forever to find a way to go up to the other floors. We get to the second floor and it was more little jewelry stores. The third floor had office spaces, and then the forth floor was a food court. The 5th floor was supposed to be a metal ware shop, but it also just had businesses. Now comes the fun part…the 5th floor. I was already in so much shock that I did not think that this place could get any more strange. Well of course…I was wrong. The 5th floor was a school! Not just any type of school a police school! What?! Seriously? There was no signs saying this was a school or anything to that affect. How in the world do people know that it exists!? We walked in there and down the hall being stared down by all of the students. I was laughing so hard and trying to be as quiet as possible, but with all the stares and people giggling at us it was hard to keep it in. There was a group of guys who on the way back said hi to us and I said hi back.

We made our way out of that crazy place and then we went our separate ways. I headed to Hongdae to find the Language Cast group. I should have listened to myself and ate some food, but I did not. So I ended up leaving the Language Cast early. It was quite an interesting experience. It made me realize how much more I needed to work on my Korean because there was so many people who considered themselves to be “basic” learners who knew so much. I was blown away by there understanding and pronunciation of the language. Luckily I have been going through my notes and refreshing my mind so I understood more than I could speak. One of the ladies I met there named Yeeun and I went out to eat because we were both hungry. The food was delicious! We had Bodae Jjigae (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was) and it seriously was amazing. I would have to put that and the chicken from two-owt up there close to the top of my list of great foods. 

After we parted ways I headed back to Jongno and showered because I felt exhausted. Well I ended up going out with the other people in my hostel to go get Mcdonald’s because they were hungry and I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t go HAHA. We had a fun time out and about, but I passed out as soon as I got back. I was so tired I didn’t even remember to charge my phone. 

This morning I woke up to register for classes at Yonsei, but messed up and didn’t get into one of the classes I needed (Korean Cinema). Luckily I found another class that sounds even better that Korean Cinema, it’s just sadly, later in the day. So I will be taking Pre-modern Korean History, East Asian Cinema, and Contemporary Korean Culture and The Korean Culture wave. I’m really excited for classes to start, but more excited about the field trip!! The resort we are going to is called Daemyung and it is gorgeous!! 

Can’t wait for some of you to get to experience this. 

Pictures from Yesterday are already on the Facebook page! 



Try out the language cast! You will meet a lot of people there from all over the world! You can self assess your level of Korean compared to others and find out a lot of great things about Seoul. There are also language cast groups in other areas as well.  check it out


Not your normal Shopping mall


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