Much Needed Rest

So yesterday…I did absolutely nothing fun nor eventful. I stayed in bed until 5 pm due to my legs feeling like lead from the walk back to town. When I finally got up I took George (the curious little monkey) and went to Mcdonald’s. Well when I got to the MC D to pay, I realized George wasn’t there! I started to panic a little bit and went to look out the door. I decided that I would enjoy my food and hope for the best. I ate a Big Mac and had a Mcflurry, boy was I happy that the Ice Cream tasted real this time. On my way back I luckily found George and he was sitting in a corner like a child who was in trouble. It was quite cute, but I did not take a picture. 

I spent some time on the phone with family and friends, but that’s about it. Stayed up until 5 am and then went back to bed. 


Tips: CLOTHING! I do not know how I didn’t speak on this, but please bring light colors and thin clothes. No black pants! I wear black tights with pretty much everything, but even then I feel super hot. Today I’m in my blue skinny jeans and just walking to breakfast was HOT. I am going to the mall to get some cooler shirts because mine are too thick.

2. Bring a little hand held fan or something to keep you cool. I almost wish I had those cool neck things from six flags that I can freeze and wear. It seems that hot sometimes, but luckily in the subway it doesn’t always seem that bad. Sometimes in the subway it’s worse than being outside. Yikes! 

Later today I am supposed to be going to a LanguageCast which was founded by Hyunwoo who is also the guy from  I hope it will be as fun as I have heard. Excited for today’s adventures. Now to do my hair! 


2 comments on “Much Needed Rest

  1. Three questions…
    1. How has adjusting to the different timezone been?
    2. When you gonna try some local food????!!!
    3. I noticed that with my program there is a two month difference between the first day of class for my school and the first day at the Korean University. Is this why you had the option of going earlier or was it part of the program you are in?
    4. one more.. ok, so we both are coming from Texas, me from Houston. Is it really that hot compared to Texas heat?? I’ll be there in Feb/Mar so I think it’ll be cooler than right?

    • 1, I didn’t have an issue adjusting to the time zone…I am not a normal being and I hardly got rest in the states so I didn’t notice any problems.

      2. Local food? I have been trying it. The Secret Garden is good, I had Kimchi Jjigae already, a famous chicken chain, and several other things.

      3. Yes, I had the option of going earlier because the summer starts later. I have to pay for all of the things that I am doing since I am not on campus in my dorm or anything.

      4. Oh…Feb/Mar I may see you then since I’m applying to teach English here next year. You will be in the cold season still and then go into summer so depending on how long you stay you will not get too much heat. I believe the heat is nice, especially at night. There nights have dropped to the high 60’s and it is quite wonderful. In Texas the nights are still hot, cooler, but hot. So I like the summer here a little better. It is a WET heat though, so you will feel pretty gross all the time and the umbrella really comes in handy.

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