A day full of adventure!

Adventure? Check. Excitement? Check. New places? Check. Friends? CHECK CHECK CHECK

The best part about being in an 8 person mixed dorm is that someone always wants to do something. Not always with someone else, but a lot of them do enjoy the company every once in a while. I’m going to start backwards this time. 

Last night: AMAZING! MAGICAL! GREAT! We were supposed to go to the Myeongdong Night Festival that started at 10p. Well we got there to find out that it was cancelled…although they had all the stage stuff sitting out there…kind of weird. Oh “we” included myself (of course), Lucas (Canadian), the guy from Egypt (he actually left this morning), Annais (French girl), Jin (hostel employee) and her friend Dino (her nickname). We were a little saddened by it, but we decided to make it a good night anyway. I got to finally try some street food and it was DELICIOUS! I don’t remember what it was called, but there will be a picture of it! Lucas and the guy from Egypt got some potatoes on a stick, but Lucas got the one that also included a sausage. I really wish I could have eaten that too, but it would have been too much for me. Since we were close we decided to walk to Cheonggyechon to see the blue fountain that I’ve been wanting to see, but I don’t think we saw the side I saw in the picture, but it’s okay. It is quite beautiful there as you will see from the pictures. When we decide to finally go back home we were devastated because we had to walk 30+ minutes back to 종로3가 due to the subway system being closed (closes at midnight and sometimes later) and no taxi wanted to take us because it was so close. We made the walk an adventure and we saw some interesting things. 

Before all that I went to the Latin American Festival around 1:30pm and stayed maybe until 4p with my friend Rayk’s sister. It was a blast! They had so much great Latin food, trinkets, a dance contest, and great music. I felt that it was a little pricey, but it was well worth the adventure. I don’t think I would have been as happy being there if I would have had to stand the entire time. I think the best part was the Mariachi band and the dance competition. I did try some seafood empanadas and a latin style lemonade, but it was quite toasty out there. I can’t believe that the whole crowd was dancing to the music. OHHHH wait! I almost forgot about this awesome old man who got up on stage during this guy performance and tried to steal that show! Yes it is recorded! Yes it will be uploaded! hahah

Earlier in the day I spent my time getting lost looking for the “Hobong” restaurant again. I was quite saddened by the fact I couldn’t find it. I walked so much and I just gave in and went to the “Secret Garden” because I passed it maybe 5 times. I am so glad that I stopped in there! The sandwich I had was to die for. I mean it was brilliant! How can a breakfast sandwich be that freaking good!? I was just shocked beyond belief. Also the Kiwi banana drink was out of this world. Yes, you will get to see the food goods! lol

Yesterday was definitely fun fun fun even if my new shoes felt like they were taking layers of my skin off and I wanted to cry on the walk home. It was a great time and full of fun. 

I really wanted to do a vlog today, but that a little tough when there is someone sleeping in your room and you don’t really have anywhere else to do it. 


1. Don’t wear new shoes for a long day unless they are tennis shoes. I know you guys are probably laughing at me and my shoe issues, but I didn’t think I would have so many problems. I think the real reason is that I got it a size too small. It was a 240 and the guy said I should try the bigger size, but I said I would just take the ones I had on which was just a dumb move on my part. Definitely try on all sizes to find the most comfortable one. 

2. Practice Practice Practice: Study more Korean and practice using it. I was proud of myself for asking the lady at the street food cart how much it was (even though there was a sign there). Thanks to my Hostel people I have definitely been hearing more Korean and trying to use it. I need to get back on http://www.ttmik.com to continue my lessons. 

Alright well today I slept until late due to my legs feeling like lead from walking so much. I really need to go buy those tennis shoes or at least some Tom’s because I did see them! I need to head to Lotte Mart because I am about to be out of body wash and that would be bad. I could always go tomorrow, but it is really close to me.

Hope you guys have been enjoying following my adventures. If you have any questions about things please feel free to email be at: “Renderface06@yahoo.com” with the subject line MSblog or MusicalSeoul or anything related to that so I don’t delete it. 

Time to upload the visuals! 



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