Korea-Gangnam Style?

It was great to wake up in the morning and have someone who was also hungry. My new Canadian buddy Lucas and I went to some adorable sandwich shop to get a “Hobong?” breakfast sandwich. It was super AMAZING! I also bought a kiwi smoothie which was all kiwi and I felt the health of the drink engulf my body. It was quite a magical experience and I am so glad I bought it. We then went back to our Hostel and just hung out in the room until later because it is quite hot here. It’s nothing like the Texas heat at all so I should be fine, but with all the walking my body has not been okay. It honestly doesn’t feel that bad to me when I step outside, but then when I have to walk to the subway station and then sometimes you don’t really feel air in the tunnels it can drain you quite quickly.

So I know that a lot of you are probably quite curious as to how Gangnam is or what it looks like there due to Psy’s music video, but I can only tell you what I saw. Lucas and I left around dinner time to go find food and then to head there. We passed so many delicious looking food places, but we stopped at a “Two-owT” Chicken bar place? I’m not exactly sure what it was, but there was a bar inside and it was very….interesting. Luckily the owner knew how to explain the food in English because his menu was in all Korean without any pictures. We just got the regular fried chicken and boy were we blown away! I mean this chicken was the bomb dot com! We were loving every bite. I realized something here though, I have not been able to consume as much as I normally would back home. The food is just so filling. I love it! 

After we were finished off we went to the Subway station to take the 11 stops to get to Gangnam. It was quite magical to be there. As soon as we stepped off the subway there were so many shops! All down there. OH and before we went down to the subway we say a gorgeous movie theater! Who would have guessed we had one so close. I definitely would love to see a movie in all Korean. I think I would enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out if I understood everything. 

Down in the shopping area I had to purchase some shoes. Not only because they were extra cute, but because they were super cheap at 9,900 won which is pretty much $10usd, which is quite nice. The main reason I bought them was because I kept slipping out of the heels I was wearing. On the streets they have these weird bump things and I did not see them and came out of my shoe 3 times on the same food. I ended up with a purple bruise (no I will not shoe a picture, so gross) on my big toe and it was quite painful. 

Once we made it up out of the tunnel area we were blown away by all the bright lights and neon signs. We just walked down all the streets that looked interesting. We ended up stumbling upon a Jamba Juice which I definitely had to jump on that because we don’t really have those in my area anymore. I believe it cost 5,600 won or maybe a 1,000 won more, which is about the same cost in Texas anyway. We didn’t really do anything else there, but on our way we saw a ton of bars and pubs. I was actually shocked by how many were so close together, but it didn’t seem like there were that many people out last night.

The heat definitely wore us down and with an 11 stop trip back we were exhausted. When we returned Lucas clunked out on some other persons bed and I went to go do laundry which was quite interesting. Then I returned to shower and sleep! 

Let me say that I find it quite strange that I keep waking up around 5:30a every morning. I’m not sure why, but I just feel so awake at that time. Also, I have found several bumps on my body and I’m not sure if they are just mosquito bites or if they are something else. I do know that they itch like crazy so I put band-aids over them.



1. Women- Considering bringing heels that are super easy to walk in. Actually my heels are new and it was my first time in them so maybe that’s why I had trouble. I am not in anyway shape or form new to heels. I used to model for Sears when I was younger, I have chased people (sprinted) in heels before, and I have many pairs of heels. It could be the fact that they were wedged, but who knows. Please just think about shoe choice. 

2. Stretch!! I think I said this last time, but it really does help! Stretching needs to be an everyday routine. 

3. I know a lot of people say they don’t want to try the food that’s also in their country, but what if it tastes differently? Wouldn’t you want to know that you didn’t miss out on the worlds best tasting Papa Johns pizza or something? I mean I know I don’t want that to happen. I was told that the Mcdonald’s here tastes much better than in the States. You think I will pass up an opportunity of great tasting food!? NO WAY! lol. I do have an issue with things that are alive and I won’t eat them, but if it has already kicked the bucket…as long as I don’t know what it is, I will try it! HAHAH, Actually I still may try it even if I do find out what it is.

Today I shall go on an adventure with a friend from a Language Community site called http://www.tt4you.com You should go check it out and make some friends! I’ll be there. 

Coex Mall here I come! ^_^ Of course after I eat! lol

Photos on my facebook page as always:


Oh and I am forgetting. I order food and bought things by speaking Korean! Go me!


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