Friday in Korea: Definitely interesting

Before I start here’s a late vlog from Tuesday!

Alright, do you remember how I told you that I was going to meet a friend yesterday? Yeah, that definitely did not happy. When my friend messaged me I thought that it said Seoul Station, but in reality it said Samsung Station which turned out to be about an hour from me. I was quite sad because he also traveled an hour, but I offered to still meet him. It was early in the day and I’m sure I could have found my way. I believe that I have finally figured out the Subway, but I guess I will really know today if I make it to the Latin American Festival.

Since I messed up that trip I ended up meeting this really nice security guard in the Subway station who used his translator to help me. He told me that I should go to Lotte Mart area to get some food since I was so hungry. Don’t know what Lotte Mart is? It’s okay, neither did I! Info: Lotte Co., Ltd. is a multinational food and shopping corporation active in Japan and South Korea. Lotte was first established in June 1948 in Tokyo, by a Japanese businessman of Korean descent, known as Shin Kyuk-Ho in Korean or Takeo Shigemitsu (重光武雄 Shigemitsu Takeo?) in Japanese. From Tokyo, Lotte expanded into South Korea with the establishment of Lotte Confectionary Co., Ltd in Seoul on April 3, 1967 (read more on the wiki page:

Because the security guard told me to go to Lotte Mart, I went there first and was shocked to find out that it was more of a Walmart type grocery store. I was so confused because I was super hungry, but as I walked around I realized there were a ton of food choices. I did not grab anything to eat, but instead I went straight to find “Baking Soda!!” Why? I do not like the smell of the laundry detergent and the one I have at home has baking soda in it. Plus I used to sometimes put baking soda in my regular laundry before they started making it that way. 

After I left that place I went to Lotte Outlet only to see their ridiculous prices for everything which reminded me of North Park Mall in Dallas, but there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s just that I don’t want to spend that kind of money on clothes…EVER. In the outlet area I went upstairs to find out there were food places and the KTX train (fastest train system, but also pricey). I ended up eating some Burger King. What? BK. Seriously? Yes! I was feeling sick to my stomach from not eating the whole day and so I stopped at the first place that looked like it was okay to eat alone at. That happened to be Burger King. I got my usual Whopper no cheese and I asked for an ice cream cup. I was given all of it within 5 seconds with a cup of what I found out was coke. No drink choice at all! I sit down to eat and had to figure out that the strange paper thing on my plate was the ice cream spoon that had to be folded. I actually thought it was quite clever and I wouldn’t mind some of those. As I bit into the burger I hoped for the best, but was sadly disappointed. It did not have that great of a taste. No, I did not forget the taste of a Whopper, it is my all time favorite burger, right next to the Whataburger! I know how it’s supposed to be and this burger just felt…so empty to me. Maybe it’s a healthier version of meat, but wow, I want my fatty fat fat burger Hahah. 

When I was done eating I was very much ready to head back. I actually meant to go back to  see if the security guard was there because I wanted to get a picture of him with George. I’m hoping I will see him again and that he will remember me so I can get that picture. I felt like it took forever to return, but it could be because I waited outside the exit I thought my friend was at for more than 30 minutes. 

When I made it back to my Hostel I met one of the new people coming here. A French girl named Annais who knows a good deal of Korean. We ended up talking with the employees and manager pretty late into the night. Around 11pm I had Mcdonald’s delivered to me and Jin helped me order it. Anyway I thought it was quite strange that my meal came out to 11,900 KRW, but I didn’t really give it that much thought. When it arrived I had two meals! The first one that I tried to order, but Jin told me that they said they were sold out of it and so then I decided on the Big Mac because I know how that should taste. I gave one of the sodas to the owner of the Hostel and I tried to pass off the other burger too but there were no takers. I decided to go inside to the basement and eat the food. THEY WERE BOTH DELICIOUS!! Shanghai Spice Chicken (I think that’s what it was called) and a Big Mac. I did not finish both of them, but I did try both. WOW, I actually think Mcdonald’s sandwiches taste much better here! I really wish I could have eaten both, but I just did not have the room for that, nor did I really want all those cals on my body so late. The fries were stale and so I ended up tossing the majority of my food. I don’t think it was a waste considering I had such great sandwiches and it made me feel much better. 


1: UMBRELLA! Did I mention this yet? If I didn’t I am crazy because you definitely need one here. I carried mine around yesterday and it came in handy. That sun will try to wear you down fast, but with the umbrella it takes a while longer. 

2: Check your order! I should have known better than to trust phone orders, so be sure to double check anything you order on the phone or online to make sure you’re getting what you actually want.

3. Bug Spray/zapper: I really wish I would have brought my bug spray. I’m pretty sure it was on one of my list, but I just didn’t get it. I completely forgot to pick some up at Lotte Mart too.  I actually have not seen very many bugs outside, but it’s INSIDE that I keep seeing them. It’s like they love the indoors here and want to hang out. I CAN’T STAND bugs and it’s driving me crazy. In my room someone keeps opening the window bugs come in. I have 4 mosquito bites on various parts of me now and there are nat type things that keep trying to go in my eyes. The front desk gave me some sort of bug thing for the room, but I don’t think that it is working. I feel like there are more bugs now. Just remember to bring your bug spray and bring me some too!

Today’s plan: 


Latin American Festival during the day and Myeongdong Night Festival later. I am quite excited for both because my Korean friends will be there! Yay!



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