While waiting, remember to breath!

Sorry, I just realized that I did not introduce myself in the first blog.

My name is Ren and I am a 24 year old Senior (undergrad) at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am a Theatre Arts major, who started off as an English Major, switched to Vocal Performance, and then to Musical Theatre, but when I transferred it became just Theatre. Funny thing is that I now want to teach English overseas.
I didn’t realize how helpful Vocal Performance and Theatre would be to me until this last year. I am able to easily speak in front of crowds which used to be a very challenging thing for me. I am more confident in my speech, I can project my voice more easily, and I can communicate more effectively. This is something that will help me tremendously in my future career(s).

Now that that’s out of the way!

“Dear Ren,

Congratulations! You have been accepted to study abroad through UTA on the Yonsei University exchange program.”

This was the beginning of the email I received from my study abroad office on March 4th. I was thrilled to see that I had been accepted into the program, but I still had to do even more paperwork! I was actually so excited that I took care of all the paperwork as quickly as I could. Now more waiting begins. All of the other paperwork that I did after receiving the email is to be sent off this week to Yonsei University and then I will await an answer. This is where it really gets tough. Not only am I waiting for my answer from Yonsei, I am also waiting on answers from the scholarships that I have applied to. The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship is the most recent one that I did and I am finishing up my IEFS scholarship application which is due on the 1st of April. I am also waiting on my schools financial aid department to find out how much money I will actually have for my last semesters at school.
I get asked almost everyday if I have received an answer yet and that makes the wait even more difficult. I have so many friends who are cheering me on and want this for me. My parents keep asking for the documents they need for me while I am gone and I have to tell them that I am still waiting on the official answer. I’m glad that I have such a strong support team because without them I think I might have lost my head by now.

If you are in this stage of waiting I hope that you too have a support group. If waiting is too stressful for you then talk to someone about it. I know that there are a lot of high stress people out there and when they are waiting on big news they tend to explode. JUST BREATH. As I said in the first blog, if you don’t get it you can still survive and as long as it isn’t your last year you can apply again! Remember that you can always see a school counselor as well. They are there to help you find ways to remain calm and not let life beat you up mentally and emotionally.

Stay strong everyone and keep looking for more scholarships! Some deadlines are later than others. Just because it may seem like everyone is applying and your chances are low you should still do it. You never know when it is your chance to win.

Keep a smile on your face and reach for the stars…


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